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April 05, 2009


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You are awesome, and I wish we lived close to one another ;)


I have a glass problem too, I had to get rid of some before my hubby killed me:) All of your are so great!


I have bought a couple of those DYMO label makers lately too. I just love CLICKING out my name letter by letter. Since I have an "odd" name, I was always thrilled to be able to make my own name to put on my books, my locker, my bike, my cassettes, gee my age is showing.....


The clear glass with the stars at the top -- I have some in my cupboard, too. They are jars from dried chipped beef. My mom used to save them, and when I moved from home, I did too. Now the chipped beef comes in plain jars with no stars, but they can still be used as glasses.

I'm fairly new to collecting vintage, but I've yet to come across a swanky swig. The glasses you don't collect are what I'm looking for...that's what my Grandmother had. Always makes me smile to see them.


LiLi M.

I love that you 'throw out' things you don't want/need anymore immediately instead of having to think about it for at least for 3 years or put them in a box and just forget, like I do. Let's start the week good...I'll put on some things on a dutch auction side today...I have a dymo label maker too, I inherited it from my father, but I always forget to use it. It is fun though! Like the aprons, as I told you before, I love them, but I never use them.
Mmm you know that I want to make a post about Pompeï? The idea that your house is suddenly covered in ashes and almost anything will be preserved until x years later some historian opens it. He will find me and my collections...you have that picture. And he also finds that I have 5 vacuum cleaners, now that is another story, I don't like to hoover and I do it less as possible but he/she will think that the average 21th century person wouldn't do anything more in the world than hoover. Of course all blogspot posts will be vanished about that time. (I might be thankful for that...) Have a nice day!


When you are looking for more DYMO tape refills - ACMoore!! I just bought a 'label gun' last summer at a sale and was thrilled, but it only had about 3" of tape in it (boo!!) ~But~ I found a pack of bright colored refills and a pack of pastels at ACM. Have FUN!!


I also love that type of label maker. They were still selling them at wal-mart, dont know if they still do or not, since I bought one last year.

Anyway, I really just wanted to say that the way you put together that part of the post is terribly clever. :-)


I love your swig collection, probably because I am just as sick as you are! It's definitely an addiction! I'll be sharing mine on my blog soon. That's right, MY blog! You MADE me do it! Just what I need, another addiction!


You are on a roll with the apron patterns...love them but I REALLY love the label maker (and your fun labels).


ok, the label maker steals the show!! i love those, what a great find! love your labels too cute!

Patti Tappel

Your glasses remind me of some my mother still has with Davy Crockett on them. I think she has the whole set!

Shelley G in Iowa

I just love that you have so many treasures to share with us. I guess I need a little education on swanky swigs. I recognize some of those as swankies, others I wouldn't have guessed were. No matter, they are fun regardless!

I also have a Dymo gun. Got it in a box lot at an auction along with a few other goodies for my card making. A curious item, there were also about a dozen refills for a Dymo type machine. The tape is 1" wide. How great would that be? Don't know if I'll ever find anyone who could use them, or if I'll be lucky enough to find a machine.

Speaking of auctions, I'll be showing part of my latest haul, probably later today!

Margaret McCormick

Love those Swigs -- we use little glasses for little wine swigs -- do you use them for 'fortified' grape juice, too?
PS: I also love the label maker. My best friend Sarah had one of those when we were kids and I loved it. I still have a little overnight suitcase with orange and magenta paisley fabric that she labeled for me... hope you're having a good day!


ha! you are so funny
i love those tape thingies too
i only have a few swanky swigs, but i love your idea of displaying them in your kitchen cupboard...not that i have space for that~
i remember those glasses with the stars around the top...i want to say they were shrimp cocktail....does that make sense?

Jenny www.theredbulletinboard.blogspot.com

I have a huge collection of the chipped beef glasses!! All different sizes! But I want the star swanky!! SOOOOO COOOL!!!


Loving the swanky swigs...I have some but you have me beat! I don't know how a person in their right mind can pass those by! I also have one of those label makers - I got a bunch of the tape with it - the tape is really cool - it has different patterns - stripes, polka dots etc. - kinda 70s. I love that click it makes when you stamp a letter. (and love your last four photos...very clever!)


I absolutely love the way you have everything displayed in your hutch top - it looks beautiful, so colorful, so spring-y! And again - we collect SO many of the same things! Swanky Swig lovers, unite!


The label maker is a piece of the past that you've gotta love. Now if I could only figure out where to buy that waist size in the apron pattern I'd be good.


My Dad had a Dymo label maker and labeled everything: Photos of old girlfriends, ties I don't like, stuff my mother wants me to keep and stuff my wife wants me to throw out (okay I made up the last two but the first two were really labelled). When I was little, I got the biggest thrill out of moving the circle to find the right letter and help him make labels. I also remember that he had different colours of tapes for different categories i.e. red for drill bits and blue for nails. When the new electronic Dymo first came out, I bought it and use it regularily and it is fun but not quite the thrill of the old one. I will keep my eyes on the look out when thrifting. As usual your presentation is perfect.


Love swanky swigs too! Our drinking glasses are i think, jelly glasses or peanut butter glasses, and they have either red or yellow stars all over them. Sadly, i've broken two, so i need to look for more....
I have scotty dog swanky swigs that i'm afraid to use! LOL!

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