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May 08, 2009


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How cute! And I love those bird candle holders!


Whoah Nellie - look at all those shakers - the same thing happened to me awhile back with sewing thimbles - I looked to buy a couple and came back with a ready made collection - you've got some real cuties there! Jewels


My Mom collects S&P's and has thousands. But her specialty is anthros--she would be so proud that you knew the correct term, anfd extremely jealous of your find! Are you ebaying them?


Wowie kazowie! You struck gold! How adorable are those pears?? Reminds me of the "hisself/herself" Bailey's coffee cups.

Those birds are absolutely perfect for you!

Good luck shopping tomorrow!

Kim G.

Hooray for anthropomorphism!! Geeze, that is hard to spell!!!!!!! The tablecloth is dreamy, and I love the birdie candle holders too! The anthrop.... salt and peppers are cheery and bright, just perfect!!


That's a great collection, she really had an eye for the kitsch! xo, suzy


I collect chalkware fruit wall plaques, and I DO NOT like the anthro ones, but these S&P ones are just adorable, especially Mr. & Mrs. Pear, and The Turnips! I bet you never thought when you left home that you would be bringing back a readymade collection!


Too cute for words! I bet they were fun to photograph!

Lavender Dreams

OH MY! You hit the jackpot! I have been looking for little what nots but haven't found the vintage ones like these! How sweet they all are ...especially the blue birds! If I could come over to play...I would sit at your table for hours! heehee!

Cindy detwiler

I was admiring your collection of anthro S & P's, and couldn't help wondering if you were going to sell any? If you are, they would fit in nicely with my collection. Please contact me, as I am quite willing to buy them.

Thank You,



Ooooo, I love all your finds. They're wonderful, specially that tablecloth.

Jenny Sellars

LOVE the table cloth. I found one a week or two ago that are being made into curtains by my WONDERFUL mommy!! Woohoo! I will show when they are finished! Are you going to etsy or ebay any of those? I would love the bird on a tree shakers......


how sweet! i lurve anthropomorphic items!!!
will these be in your etsy?
darn cute. i dont collect s & p shakers but some of those are just too adorable not to want
and those bird candle holders??? ack! i would love to find some of those

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