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May 17, 2009


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Love the wall pocket. I had to pay Ebay prices for mine! This weekend was the citywide sale. I went to about 30 sales, no kidding, and got about ten things. Not good. Baby stuff galore! Hop on over if you're interested, to see my pathetic haul!


Hey, those finds were totally worth the trouble, weren't they? I mean, that wall pocket is ADORABLE!

Loved your comment about the "underbelly"--you could come to the flea market downtown in my city for another glimpse.

It's disheartening when you climb in and out of the car all morning and have to look at junk at every stop. Here's hoping next weekend is better!

LiLi M.

Ok let's hope this week is a good one!

Tina in Duluth

I had similar sale experiences this weekend, but I encountered aliens.

Have a great week and try to enjoy each moment, because it can certainly get stressful!


It is always possible to witness some pretty strange charcters. My favourite thrift store is in a pretty seedy area of town right next to tavern and a cheap motel! You have to go in ready to see personalities and smell. Your hauls are usually so amazing maybe this weekend was just a reminder of how fortunate you usually are. The knitting needles remind me of pick-up sticks!


Bummer that the weekend sales were so bad. If it's any consolation, I've never seen knitting needles looking so pretty. Hope all goes well in your busy week.


I didn't even get the chance to hit any sales last weekend - too much on the calendar. Hope your estate sale picker is back on track this next weekend. (at least you found a few things - the knitting needles are great colors!)

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

Girl, I've been busy and haven't been able to visit you as often as I normally do. You may have had one bummer day, but oh, the goodies you have picked up on the OTHER days. I am so loving the the little birdies, the kitchen tins, and so many other little doodads you've shown. All such sweet innocent pretty stuff that gets me in the Happy Housewife mood. Sigh...back to painting!


Oh, my gosh - You're Kremis Club. I just have to ask - where did the name come from? I know the club has been in existance for a good many years, and I love the "about us" description on your ebay site. Always great stuff!!!
(I love the wall pocket by the way)


ha!! does that mean i had a better weekend than you???? i snagged a lovely hutchy/cabinety thing for $30!!i plan on putting my fabric stash overflow into it and quilt books
theres a pic in my flickr
i also had a great day at the thrift store for a change!
your wall pocket is super sweet, and i think those knitting needles would be great in a vase. such pretty colors


love the feedsack!


Your picker is not broken when you look at your goodies overall. I want that birdhouse!!!!!!!

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