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May 20, 2009


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karla nathan

That would be a beautiful world to live in!


I'd never heard of therapeutic ironing. I guess any mindless activity will do, right? I like to pretend I'm doing a cooking show while I make dinner. Is that too much information?

Tina in Duluth

Oh, would you please come for a leisurely lunch on my porch? I'll serve peach iced tea and other goodies!

You know what task is therapeutic? HEDGE TRIMMING! And I'm not talking about the electric type!

Have a wonderful week - glad you had time to stop and smell the iron steam.

Jayme L.

You have plenty of company in that fantasy world. I'm right there with you, enjoying a little tea on the porch, listening to the birds. Darling embroidery - thanks for sharing!


I love therapeutic ironing too but not quite the same as my Mum who used to go on ironing binges when she was angry. My household did not have a dog house but my Dad knew what it meant when all his shirts were pressed. My fantasy life is also full of much gracious entertaining so I know that I would be delighted to receive such lovely hostess gifts.

Beth Leintz

I did some theraputic stitching like that on my long car trip to North Dakota- it really was relaxing- and then I left it all in ND- not theraputic to search all my bags and not find it...


I like the sound of your fantasy world too. I love to do laundry, and ironing is such a soothing task. We won't mention the pile of dishes in the sink. Do you use any scented water or anything?


You would fit right in, if you moved to Merryville! LOL!

I like the teacup alot.

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