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May 14, 2009


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Love that thread label, and you're right about the French print. It could say something totally disgusting, and we'd eat it up! That thread does look great in that box, and now I'm trying to remember if you have a sewing room, or studio to display that in?


Mmmmmmmmm, love vintage sewing notions.
There's something about vintage things that speaks to my soul and makes me feel happy.
It's dark and dreary here in pa., too. A good day for staying in. Maybe I will sew.

Tina in Duluth

Is that why I like to eat snails when they have a French name on the menu? I'd never dream of eating the slimy creatures on my front porch!

Oh, you know I'm happy now, even though my creepy feeling has been replaced with longing...sigh...

Thanks Barbara!

LiLi M.

Yep your totally right about that French box, but it really is cool, isn't it? When you are in France you see old buildings that aren't well maintained every where and we like it! Here (of course due to our windy and moist climate) everything is painted like new, while we actually prefer the tattered look of France! I just spend a couple of thousand euros to have our old house repainted again and all neighbours are happy too.
Maybe we like the tattered look only in France, like some people would eat anything when it is written in French, though snails are not slimy but simply delicious even when you don't call them escargots!


You know vintage notions make my heart sing! Great finds even if older than your usual fare. Indeed French adds a certain je ne sais crois...
I liked the veggie tea towels because linens and aprons come a close second. I love the colouration of this collection -sort of sepia-toned.

Jennifer Conway

sew pretty!


I love old sewing notions! There's nothing better than buying someone's old sewing box and having a look through it. :)


Old notions are the best! The White thread is FABULOUS! But I tend to sew everything with white thread ;)


There is a lot of beauty in those old notions. xo, suzy

Allie in MI

Mmmm, yummy stuff! I always look for old sewing stuff at thrifts and yard sales, and never find any. *sob*

Beth Leintz

Love the boxes and labels- and the end of the spools- they are just wonderful.


I love vintage notions too even though I barely sew. There is something so sweet and domestic and timeless about them... And I also agree that anything written in French is automatically more lovely!!

two crazy crafters

There's something about old sewing notions that make my heart beat a little faster. They have a romance about them. Your pictures are great. Have a lovely weekend! Twyla


Love old sewing items and I keep buying them, but don't tend to use them, but I can't give them up. At least they don't take up too much space.


These are my absolute favorite sort of things. I love them, and that old heart is especially beautiful to me. It has soul...if you know what I mean.

Thank you. I think these photos are wonderful.


what awesome finds! such pretty things, and i agree about the french.
the heart.....what is on the back? felt or a type of cardboard? i would love to see it


are you selling any of these lovely things?

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