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May 29, 2009


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Lavender Dreams

Oh what goodies! I love the green canisters and saucers! The buttons are wonderful, too! I know what you mean...I also clean everything up as soon as I can to really enjoy what I found! What fun!


Nice Optic canisters! I went to an estate sale a few years ago where everything had been stored in the barn for several years. For weeks I had musty boxes out on the back porch & spent numerous days washing items in the bathtub. Alot of work but worth every minute. I can only imagine what you'll find over the weekend!



Tina in Duluth

The theme for this week is...AWESOME!

I've been saving to go to the Hartville Flea Market on Monday. I hope I get half as lucky!


I would say you hit the jackpot, well worth going to a few bummer sales!

Kim G.

that's a pretty good haul!!!


O.M.G. You got those planters today, too??? Dude, I collect those! If you ever get tired of the two on the left and want some extra yard saling money--well, you have my e-mail! ;-)


Those canisters would have made my day!

LiLi M.

Great haul, i love these colors. Only 5 pounds of buttons? I might have to sort 5 tons of buttons and never find these :-( That children's clothes hanger (is this the right word?) is so cute. I have a couple of pink and light blue ones with text: Kleine zus (little sister, the word sister was once used in stead of girl, I think that is the same in your language) and "baby" (the same word). Those glass cannisters are awesome too. I am looking forward to more blog post of results of yard sales! Recently I discovered that the Dutch imported the English car boot sale, so maybe I'll try to visit one tomorrow. Hubby asked what do you take with you in the car? Haha, I only want to take back from that sale! I'll keep you posted!


What ever your drug of choice is...I think you did great! Loved the puppy hanger... and yes I know about "taking a chance" the gook will come off and you will find a treasure underneath - sweet! Jewels

Beth Leintz

You have "stick to it ness". If I go to three sales and don't buy anything I just conclude that life sucks and I go home and pout.

You got GREAT stuff- and its all so "Barbara"

Jennifer Conway

Isn't it satisfying to clean all the grime off, and see the treasures together, all shiny and beautiful? Love the hanger! Great scores!


what an awesome haul! love the canisters and that peach button is darling!


I haven't yet grown the patience to visit 10 sales in one day (I know it's an important skill!), so I often don't find such treasures as you've got here. I love that hanger best!


Oh, you were so lucky to find all the gorgeous greens! I'm jealous! I have been going to yard sales for years - it's not often I find treasures like yours!

Jenny Sellars

You really have the best luck! I got a cute kids hutch today at a sale for a STEAL...but never your level of goodies!! I am posting about my tea towels on Monday!!


Oh lordy girl how true!


I need to move!!! I so wanted a good sale after work on Friday...sigh...maybe next week. I love all of it, but the canisters are amazing...and that little hanger...


Love the planters and vase! And the green canisters. I should've stopped after the first sale we went to. I got so much stuff that my friend and I had to take turns going into the house, so we could guard each other's treasures!


The estate sale angels were smiling down on you this a.m. Those are great finds. Love the green canisters....don't you love it when an item cleans up so spectacularly???!!! Love the orange juice glasses in the previous post too. (FYI I have none of the items pictured in this post)

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