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May 11, 2009


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Adorable! Another reason the flirting vegetables may be disturbing: the guys are wearing clothes and the girls aren't, as far as I can tell. Or maybe they're supposed to be wearing vegetable-shaped dresses, but the tuxedos are much more obvious.

Jenny Sellars

Love the vegetables in love ones!! I have the next in the series. Vegetables with babies!! I am serious!!! hehehe! Also I won your rhinestone shoe clips!! WOOHOO!!!

Lavender Dreams

OH MY! WEll the aprons are wonderful and that little kitty cat is precious! Love everything! I am SO in love with embroidery! I think I'm going to have to learn how again!


you got some really great linens! Love the vintage card table cloths!

Tina in Duluth

I'm totally with you on that fabric! Those veggies are creepers!


You know what is more disturbing...while watching the evening news I was sorting thru a collection of embroidered towels QUITE SIMILAR to yours..I freak out a bit with the things we do in tandem!
I think the items from the previous post were meant for hankie storage. I have an old one that came with a note that it was meant to house soiled hankies.


honestly, who ever heard of a carrot romancing a potato? an onion and a tomato i can see, but a carrot and a potato? imagine the confused children they would have???
your linens are all yummy as usual. and i totally agree on that apron fabric, loverly!!!

Jennifer Conway

ha! Those veggies are too funny!

Allie in MI

LOVE the apron fabric - and the kitty! Not too sure about the veggies though, lol!


I think I am in love with Mr. Potato. I mean, look at that trim figure and big head! I don't believe you, that you love that fabric more than any other. You say that every week!


I'm having trouble typing a comment because I'm laughing too hard. The boring but wealthy cucumber comment almost did me in. Are you sure you don't moonlight as a comedian?


i love the apron with the little watering cans! too cute!


Too cute! I just glad you didn't say when vegetables meat. Just about everyday, I find my new favourite fabric. Thank-you for reminding me about National Apron Day as it really helped me focus my post about my Grandma's birthday.

Beth Leintz

Ah spring- the time when vegetables thoughts turn to love.


I love the wooing veggies!

That canister set a couple posts down--I have one exactly like it that my mother-in-law gave me. It came from her parents' house. Somewhere I found a wastebasket with the same pattern, too. They're stored away at the moment, but when we first moved into this house and I painted the kitchen apple green, they sat on the counter and looked very nice.

I always love seeing your finds--I think you must live in a much more "antique-friendly" area than I do!

Tammy in Louisville

Those tea towels certainly do go with the salt and pepper shakers you scored a few days ago! Anthro.......yeah, right, like I could spell that! Before I laugh too hard at "humanized" fruits and veggies though, I have a confession to make. I LOVE all things "man in the moon".
Give me a crescent moon with an eye, swoopy nose and a great set of lips and I'm gone! Not really so different, I fear!

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