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May 20, 2009


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What a great shot! I love these little brown bunnies -- they show up in the yard every evening now and my old dog goes crazy watching them.


How cute!!!


Tina in Duluth

I love bunnies and so does my terrier.

Jealous of the coneflowers! I can't wait to see them in a few months.


Oh, I love bunnies! Unfortunately so does Tommy, the neighborhood cat. I won't elaborate. Can you show a picture of the coneflowers when they're in bloom? It looks like you've got a nice big patch. I love that, when they're planted in a big swath(that word doesn't look right this morning, but I'm sure I didn't make it up!).They're my favorites, along with Black-Eyed Susans.

Lavender Dreams

There are some of his little cousins in our garden! They are so cute!

LiLi M.

Mmm am I the only one to see some trouble in the future? My grandmother made a fence around her entire garden to avoid contact with these little cuties. They ate everything! Hopefully it is just this funny one!

two crazy crafters

What a cute little guy! I love to watch bunnies! We see them in our yard a lot in the fall.


they are adorable, unless they are eating your plants :)


Little bunny.....so sweet !!


how cute!


Adorable! I've been noticing little bunnies all over lately. It makes me happy! :)


Awww, what cute pictures. They are adorable, I just wish they wouldn't eat my flowers :-)


Aww a baby bunny! I just love spring!

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