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May 31, 2009


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Stop. Enough!! You can't have all of the good vintage stuff in NY state!!!!

black eyed susans kitchen

Great finds..is it okay to be Jadite green with envy?
♥, Susan


The jadite mixing bowl was worth the risk of being stampeded by religious bargain hunting ladies :-)

Jenny Sellars

LOVE the reds in the front picture!!! Glad you liked the towels!!!!

two crazy crafters

Looks like you had a very successful garage sale morning to me and just think of the stories you can tell your grandchildren! Twyla

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I do believe that there is proof in print somewhere that has you stating "No more aprons!" I love that breadbox, because I love roosters. Isn't that red-handled tool a garlic press? I don't know. I hate to cook. I'm just happy for you, that you found part of your bowl set, and it didn't cost you your life!


What great finds...I love that apron. It's wonderful...and that bowl!!! You lucky girl.


You always find the best stuff at sales...do you want to come visit me for awhile? I absolutely love that apron...and only a $1...what a steal!



That breadbox and the Jadite bowl are super winners! You're making me want to go looking for deals!


Hi! First-time poster but I've been lurking for awhile now. I enjoy viewing your finds and reading the stories behind some of them - a mad dash for yucky polyester indeed! Did you happen to see if they bought it up, or were they, too, disappointed in what kind of fabric it was?

Love that apron and at only a dollar, how could you resist?


Love all the red handled kitchen utensils and that apron. Great finds! I am sorry about the stampede but do you think they know something about polyester that we don't and it will be the next big thing?


You are the queen of good finds!
Just amazing stuff, those green glass cannisters are gorgeous and would have come home with me for sure too!

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

Oh...sigh...double-knit. I am so afraid in twenty years, I will kick myself for not buying all the horrible double-knit I've seen. What if I am hit with a sudden passion for it? My tastes have changed so much over the years, could I possibly love double-knit one of these days?

Great stuff!


That is a lemon squeezer I think? I love the apron. I wish they had rummage sales where I live.

Lavender Dreams

What treasures! I love the Bluebird buttons!

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