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June 17, 2009


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Lavender Dreams

I love charm bracelets! You'll be quite dapper tonight! Have fun!


That bracelet is adorable. I never look at jewelry at rummage sales or thrift stores since I can barely remember to put my watch on somedays let alone any other jewelry. ;)

Beth Leintz

If you can talk him into it- you'll make a "dandy" couple.

LiLi M.

I would love to wear that bracelet to an anuual golfing banquet, but I'm not the sporty kind and none of my kids is either, lack of sporty genes I guess. I


super cute!
Hugs, Lisa


John, go for the purple plaid, you crazy guy.


Just had to leave a comment because just last night I was sifting through an old box and came across my old charm bracelet. Brought back such lovely memories. Have a nice evening~


I'm sure Muffy and Buffy and Bitsy over at the club drooled all over your bracelet!


oh no! i hope he picked the red one! too cute
i dont wear much jewelry either, it irritates me

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