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June 05, 2009


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I'm a pig! Who drinks like a fish! I'm kidding! I don't drink at all. Doesn't that kind of freak you out when you find something that you just read about, that you never even knew existed? I think you should have a cocktail party. One of those dresses from the patterns you find would work just perfectly! Get sewing!

Jenny Sellars

OMG!!!! Are you going to sell them or keep them???? I have a couple of shot glasses that have similar sayings on the sides except for the pigs it has a donkey...with another name...hahaha!


I love the "Hic Hic" on the fish one!!


Hilarious Barbarella! I'm some where between a Fish and a Pig, but only on special occassions (which seem to get fewer and farther between as I get older - notice I also double up on letters when I'm not sure about spellng and too lazy to get the dictionary - another sign of aging). Ah for the good ole days when you came home and had a vodka martini after work....Jewels


I love those! They would be cute to frame and hang together somewhere...I am mad, though, cuz I don't have my CL yet!!


Very cute! Love anything vintage!! Thanks for sharing!


Oh gosh how cute!


DARLING napkins!!! Makes me want to have a cocktail!


They are WONDERFUL!!


Hello, This is my first visit to your blog and will not be the last. Love the cocktail napkins. I just spent the last 30 minutes reading your older post. Great blog.


LiLi M.

I think your photo is waaay better than that of Country Living!
Have a great weekend (of course you don't have any time to have a cocktail party because you have to go to all these sales to keep us happy!)


I just read that too! I sold the cutest set last year on Etsy and now I am wondering if I under priced...lol. Those are super super cute! Enjoy!


These are so cute, do you ever wonder about folks in the 50's? I never knew so many people drank and dreamed up ideas of fishes and pigs drinking...Lord, they had toooo much time on their hands...me thinks....Love your blog...
come see me sometime, and please leave me a comment, so I can see if I am just wasting my time....LOL


Messed up with my addy...sorry!


Great find, as usual...We need to open a traveling vintage linen exhibit....We could go to all of the cities that have good thrifting!!!


How fun to find your cocktail napkins right after seeing them in CL. I agree with the other commenter who said that your photo is way cuter than the the one in the magazine. Your napkins are also cuter. Thanks for the etiquette lesson. If I get invited to any cocktail parties in the near future I will try not to be a pig or a fish, but I can't promise I won't be a gentleman. LOL


I love the cocktail napkins. I only have very plain linen ones although they were made in the USSR. I have my Dad's "The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks" which is from the fifties and definitely has advice on serving sizes and how much a gentleman should drink. Martha Stewart also commented when doing a cocktails segment inspired by Mad Men that although she remembers much more drinking at the time the actual size of the glasses and therefore drinks was much smaller. The popular consumption of alcohol was probably partly a hold over from the War when liquid courage was often necessary. Thanks for keeping us entertained!

Shelley G in Iowa

I know I will always see something "new" and fun on your blog! You ALWAYS wow me! And the things I learn! These were a new one for me!

black eyed susans kitchen

Just plain fabulous!!! Love them!
♥, Susan

Maddie Kertay

Oink :)

Maddie, who is actually not a drinker since after 1 drink she slips quietly under the table for a little snooze.

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