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June 25, 2009


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Hey Patch, good for you! Our Beest has also reclaimed his right to go outside and enjoy the sun. Just make sure you get inside and give your owner a bit of comfort every once in a while, okay?
And Barbara: congratulations on your son graduating!

Allie in MI

LOL - he's adorable!!!!!


Awwww....love you Patch! What a chubby pattable belly you have. XOX


Hi Patch! My name is Mimi Lucy, and believe me, I feel your pain! My owner went away for a week and left her daughter here to take care of things, and she had a party, and I had to hide under the bed all night. And I missed my owner so much that I got constipated. I didn't get to go outside that week either, because the daughter might forget about me and leave me out all night and I might get attacked by a raccoon and I won't fight back because I'm a lover, not a fighter, and I'm a little on the plump side too. Your owner seems pretty nice though,so hang in there!
Mimi Lucy


HI Patch! I hope you had a nice day out! I also hope you don't have to hide too long in the basement!
Happy weekend!
Hugs, Lisa


What a gorgeous kitty!!! Enjoy all of the graduation festivities :)


He's so cute! He looks a lot like our kitty, named Pancake.

LiLi M.

Hey Patch! Can you congratulate your family from me? You can tell Barbara that you can easily take over the activities over here, one worry less to her.
Have a great weekend! I hope you don't have to spend it in the basement.

Tina in Duluth

Patch, you are a handsome kitty and an excellent guest blogger. I like how your white hair looks longer than you black hair, and it probably softer, too.

How nice that you got to roll in the catnip. I hope Barbara put a nice pile of it in the basement today so you could wallow away the thought of THAT kid!

Happy hiding!


Oh Patch, I loved your post! I do hope you will back!

black eyed susans kitchen

Cats! You just have to love the way they live life on their terms. Rolling in the garden like that...wouldn't we all like to give that a try.
♥, Susan


Heh Patch - Miss Gwendoline and Master Gryphon say hello - tell your "mum" we hope she survived the weekend and look forward to hearing from her soon. We are all on the road vacationing but get a chance to check in from time to time. Cheers, Jewels.


Patch is beautiful and funny! Love this.


i love your guest blogger! hope he blogs again!!
nice to hear things from a different perspective, haha

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