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June 22, 2009


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Jennifer Conway

oooooooh - I love a good thrifting mystery - glad you made it out alive! Beautiful millinery colours!


Now that would be a fun mystery read: "Murder at the Yard Sale!" LOL.

I tried to read Ruth Rendell many years ago and just couldn't get into her, but my tastes have changed and I think I should give her a try. I really like the Maisie Dobbs books--that black hat definitely looks like a Maisie hat.

I'm reading a couple Ngaio Marsh books right now that I haven't read before--have you ever tried any of hers? She's kind of like Agatha Christie, but a better writer, IMO.

Allie in MI

Oh my - those are exactly the things that are so necessary at my house!!!!! Thanks for the heads-up about Maisie, I just put the first two books on hold at my library. Your excursion to the farmhouse sounds just awful. Don't you hate it when life mirrors art, lol.
One night, I was reading a Dean Koontz book - Whispers, hands-down the scariest book I've ever read - home alone, 2am, got to the good part and the handle on the front door started turning. Someone was trying to get into my house!!!! Turned out to be a drunk from across the street, but I've never really recovered.
There is one Ruth Rendell book that I read that I loved - and I cannot remember the name of it. I even looked on the website to see if I recognized it. I think it might be A Sight for Sore Eyes. Oh golly was it good.
Love the hat and the flowers!


Oh Barbara, you make me laugh! Sorry about that - you probably didn't find the pamphlet garage sale all that funny at the time, but I can just see you looking around desperately, trying to find something benign to purchase, and then running, like Hades were at your heels, back to your car. So what did you buy? Did it get pitched in the trash?

LiLi M.

I love Ruth Rendell, so I try Maisie Dobbs too. I have to read before sleeping too and then I prefer to read in Dutch, otherwise my nightmare is in English too and boy I might even not be able to follow it. ;-)


What a charming hat! I do not know Miss Dobbs but I am looking forward to meeting her. Are you selling the millinery flowers or making something? Are you trying to scare everyone off of the yard sales in your area just so you can find all the good stuff yourself? -Just kidding but I guess we all need to experience some strange people just so we really appreciate the good ones/sales like your sewing sisters awhile back.

one gal's trash

Love those millinery flowers! We collect many of the same goodies...you are obviously a gal with fabulous taste! Your writing is wonderful too.
P.S. Peter Mayle's 'Anything Considered' is really fun in case you ever come across it.

Elaine Richardson

I was just going to remain a long time lurker! But when I saw Maisie Dobbs, I had to write. I love her and your site!

Mary@TurkeyFarm Treasures

You reminded me that~before all the children came along~there was a little 1972 burgundy MGB that consumed all my money and attention.


I always love a good hint on a book to read. It helps so much not to get a dud. These look yummy.


Oh looks like good reading! I'll have to look into it! love the hat and flowers!
Hugs, Lisa

Tina in Duluth

My husband owned not one, but 2 MG's that consumed much of our money, too!

I love the hat and flowers, but haven't developed a taste for mysteries (yet), and Newsweek? Pfft! :P

Do you collect old Nancy Drew?


Oh I love the hats......I have some of my mom's
hats and gloves from her high school days.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I love mysteries too and can't go to sleep without reading first. I finished a really good one last night. The Frightened Man. It's set in England, has Jack the Ripper undertones and a great hero. I really liked it. And, "speaking" of things I like...I love those hats and flowers!


om goodness that is funny! a creepy yard sale you just couldn't resist! i know what you mean about the reading i just read the twilight series and i'm kind of sad now that i've read them all! i hope she writes another! love your millinery flowers!


Oh, I love Ruth Rendell books! Is that an Inspector Wexford one? I've read most of her books, but not all of the Wexford ones. I wonder if this is the same one that really creeped me out. I don't remember there being a religious zealot in it though. I'll have to check out some Maisie Dobbs books, because I love British mysteries!


this is so creepy, i too love a good mystery novel and will ignore piles of books to read one. i have not heard of maisie so i shall be looking for her! my requirements are pretty much the same as yours, altho i did make an exception for the richard jury novels (martha grimes) and they are oh so good. and yes i do hate waiting for authors to come out with their latest!! thats why it is so lovely to come across an older mystery series. right now i am up to k in the sue grafton books ( i know i know she isnt british, but i like her anyhoo). i have been wanting to read ruth rendell for ages but can never find the first book she wrote at the library or a book store. do you know which one it is?


oh i forgot! i have the same issue of newsweek! can you believe the hubby wanted to toss it???

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