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June 09, 2009


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Love the tea strainer! THe kittys are adorable!


Seriously, I've GOT to start hitting auctions. There's an awesome one tomorrow at 10 a.m. but I'm on deadline.


Some of my nicest treasures have come from box lots! I miss auctions so much--they're another thing we don't have much of here in southern VA. Looks like you did great at this one!


Heh - coming from a long line of Brits I very much appreciate your tea strainer - awesome finds! Jewels

black eyed susans kitchen

I may be in love with those kitty cats!


Oh, what a find (again)! That book of Home Songs is AMAZING! Those cats look like they are plotting something--your dog better be on the look out! :o)


I love going to auctions and almost always come home with a few box lots. Here in Virginia we have so many good ones in the summer that it's hard to decide which one to go to each Saturday. After I get home, I am so excited to rummage through the boxes to see what neat things I am going to find in them.


I especially like those cats!

Lisa Kistler

Really great treasures!!
Hugs, Lisa

LiLi M.

Great haul, again and just like I expected, but you triggered me:

Why not take some photos in the houses that you visit? Perhaps with your spy camera.


What a fantastic lot you found...I don't go to any auctions, I guess I better start. I love the first pictures of the glass, and then the embroidered doilies...You rock!!!!


I love the crinoline ladies and the tea strainer. I believe that piano scarf is correct. I am not sure that I will be "allowed" to go to auctions but they look like fun! Cute kitties too!


Beautiful things! funny about the "piano scarf" (who knows?) - I found something VERY similar last year at an estate sale! You know, it never occurred to me to put it on the back of my piano....


I love the tea strainer..and oooooo, the linens. I would love to have the Sunbonnet ladies. They're just wonderful..


yes tea strainer and a piano scarf
awesome finds!!!

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