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June 21, 2009


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Glad you helped! I love those little crocheted clothes. I have several made by family!
Hugs, Lisa

LiLi M.

When I was in the States I bought a Better Homes and Gardens' book at books a million "Collections", do you know it? I love it! There is a fab photo of a decorated laundry room in there, using these kind of crocheted dress panholders on a line, like they are drying there too. Do you have the picture? No? In that case I will make a photo and email it to you. Probably not today as I am too busy and I cannot push myself away from the computer. Yes I know, a total lack of self discipline, (mea culpa, mea culpa mea maxima culpa).

Tina in Duluth

My husband spent Father's Day weekend doing household and car maintenance, too, only, good night, Irene, he wasn't wearing a sweatshirt in this 100 degree heat!

I'm glad you were there for moral support. I did my part, too, I went to Lowe's with him and had to hang my head out the window on the way home like our terrier so I wouldn't inhale exhaust fumes from his hatch being tied shut to accommodate his purchase.

I hope you found out where the water was coming from! Things always get done before company comes, so that part is nice.


Sorry to hear about the water leak! It is always something :) My husband enjoyed his father's day doing yard work!
I love the table cloth you found! I hope you are enjoying your summer.

Shelley G in Iowa

Love all your finds! The blocks are particularly charming, I agree!

Hope your water damage is under control and didn't creep into other areas! Good thing your hubby is handy! Mine, not so much!

laurie - magpie ethel

Ooops...silly ceiling chunk! Funny how those things happen. Eager to see the giant pixies...as I have visions of GIANT pixies running amuck in your home.

Have a ZERTful day.

Lavender Dreams

I love the blocks and the little dollie dress! You found some wonderful treasures!


oh no! yikes good thing no one was standing under it. and giant pixies...cant wait to hear this one
i thought the same thing, what is zert?

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