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June 14, 2009


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Mary Ellen

I want Betsey. Do you have a price in mind? Let me know.


I just finished some overdue math homework online...I'm tired and have a headache. I'm so glad I took one last look at my google reader and found your post...now I'm laughing and you've made my day.

Beth Leintz

The patterns are just darling- there's just nothing else like those sketches- but your story of the three sisters had me giggling.


Love the patterns!


Love the joints of the first one.


They are all so cute. How can you part with them?


I love all of those patterns. Where do find all of those goodies you have?


These are all so adorable! I love seeing the exciting things you find. :)

LiLi M.

I love these too! I think that Film Star dolls might refer to Shirley Temple dolls, that were released late. Here is my theory: when Shirley Temple was at the top of her child star movie career let's say 1934-1938 there were Shirley Temple dolls too. Then Shirley got too big, for being a child star, but the doll molds were still in use. Selling them as Shirley Temple dolls would be something like selling yesterday's newspaper, and later the children wouldn't even know Miss Shirley Temple any more, so those dolls were named Film Star Dolls. According to my theory these patterns would be 1940-ish.


I love these patterns, because they remind me of how my Mom made all of my dollies' clothes. From baby dolls to Barbie dolls, she made it all!
I just finished "I Capture the Castle"! I was surprised when Cassandra didn't end up with Stephen or Simon, but that's okay, because she was too young anyway! I'm going to get the movie from the library. Did you see it? Even if they don't do the story justice, I bet it will LOOK good!

two crazy crafters

These patterns are so great and I love your story about the three dolls. What Can't we all just get along?! Twyla


Love them! In fact, I have the very same last two patterns you showed. I like to think of myself as the sister on the right!


oh dear, i just had a revelation...i am the middle sister!
loving the patterns

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