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June 30, 2009


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Hope all of your family makes it back home safely and you can enjoy that lake a little now too with your hostessing duties done exquisitely!


what a wonderful moment for your family! your table looks beautiful! and all that yummy food! congratualations to your son!

LiLi M.

Congratulations! Just took your time (at least until there is no more of that delicious looking food left!). Adieu.

LiLi M.

I mean: take your time...it must be the heath that got into my head.

Tina in Duluth

Looks lovely! Congrats!

What a great spread you put on!


Wow, how wonderful to have the graduation outside! It's been a good year for graduations! xo, suzy


I think in all the business over here I have failed to mention that the lanterns arrived and I am still pondering a package that needs to make a return trip. :-) Thank you.


I think you need a vacation after all that cooking, hostessing, and partying! Gosh, I don't know where that graduation was held, but I sure do like that big birdhouse!


Oh what a happy time! A little bit bittersweet too, I suppose, as such times are, but wonderful all the same.

Congratulations to your son, and all good wishes to all of you!


congrats on your busy weekend!
Hugs, Lisa


Congrats to your Son!
Your table should be featured on the cover of a magazine! So lovely!
If you don't want to you don't have to but I tagged you to share 6 uninteresting things about yourself.
I love hearing about your life so much that I thought of you!
I tagged you at http://lindseyspaperscraps.blogspot.com/



Congratulations! What a great tradition, hopping into the lake ;)


Congrats! So lucky to have all that sunshine, especially at the right time!
Happy summer to you!


Congrats to all!!!!!


What a great post. First of all, congratulations to your son on his graduation. How great that the weather cooperated and how cute that all the kids jumped in the lake in their gowns. The photo of your table is gorgeous ~ just like a magazine photo. So happy to hear that the day was a success and what wonderful family memories you have created.

BTW, thank you so much for your recent comments. It means a lot.


sounds like it was perfect!
how fun to have the graduation on the water. i have never been to one where the kids jumped in after the ceremony. i dont think i would like to be a girl there tho.

temp jobs

this is the most unique graduation commencement I've ever seen

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