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July 20, 2009


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Now I'm really afraid of Carson. Call me about that patch for the pumpkin. I think I have something that you can use.


That's a nice group -- I love the graphics. I'll be so interested to see how you do the repair -- it's certainly worth a try for such a great old pumpkin.

Tina in Duluth

I'm sure the only thing scary about Carson would be his breath!


Wow, I NEVER find vintage Halloween!! I do mean NEVER! I can't wait to see how you fix the pumpkin!


Ahhhhhhhhhhh, awesome.


Oh Barbara, I'm giddy! I love vintage Halloween, and you found some wonderful things! I hope the cosmetic surgery is a success!


Doctor, i hope your patient makes a full recovery because that pumpkin is too amazing to be hiding (even artfully) behind something! Wow!

Love it all! There's not a drop of fake blood, not a "Jason" mask or a grim reaper. Simple Hallow's eve stuff! LOVE IT! Congrats!


Oh you really found some treasures! I just love these!
Hugs, Lisa!


I never find vintage Halloween stuff. I LOVE all of your great finds!


Lucky! I have yet to find any vintage Halloween ANYTHING!

black eyed susans kitchen

I have said this before, but I must repeat...You find the best stuff!!!!
♥, Susan

laurie - magpie ethel

Holy Cow that is great Halloween stuff. GREAT! You should be able to patch up that pumpkin...let me know how it goes - have you ever used that product at Michaels that is kinda like cast material - called Rigid Wrap? I really like it and it may work well for a patch.

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