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July 17, 2009


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Oh, you're funny! These ads sound exactly like my town (and usually the results are the same too). I only went to one sale this morning, it was on my way to where I had to be, and it was a good one. I think it's all luck, I just stay away from the ones that advertise toys and kids clothes, as my husband says "they're going to be the same age as us and have the same **** as us"! And are you curiuos what I got? Beautiful antique sewing rocker, $5.00!


Geez, too bad as they sounded so promising. Better luck tomorrow.

karla nathan

Your sales sound more interesting than the ones I found today. I ended up giving up and hitting the antique shops, that was better (but costs more)


Cue the dueling banjos.


You always make me laugh. I have been to more than one deliverance sale myself, also always a drive by.

Tammy in Louisville

LOL! So, I'm not the only one? I couldn't believe I hauled my behind outta bed early this morning for the disgusting crap I came across today! Examples: linens = semi-folded tumbling stacks of extremely used ugly bath towels, antiques = hasn't been dusted in 16 years and this from a large home in a very upscale neighborhood. Struck out at 3 others and the Goodwill as well today! However, did unearth some great little finds at a local antique mall. I'm leary of trying again tomorrow too!


THANKS for the run down... I was planning on checking out the storage unit sale!! I guess I can skip that! The 'Jumble' will probably take up my precious morning 'free time' before heading out of town for a family reunion.

Tina in Duluth

Sorry your thrifting day was so unproductive, but it makes for a humorous blog. I've rafted down the Chattooga River (class IV+ rapids where Deliverance was filmed) a couple of times and I must say that thrifting can give me a similar adrenaline rush, but I wouldn't want to see any kids with banjos!

My daughter got a wild hair and wanted to go out this morning. She was appalled by all the misspelled hand-written signs she came across (a Barbara protege?) but did find a vintage dress and a belt she can wear. I found a "woman's" vintage dress that will eventually be a purse liner, a very cute vintage apron, and a well done oil painting of a gulf coast beach, where my husband went to high school. It was a satisfying day until the daughter freaks out and can take no more. WHERE IS THE HAND SANITIZER??


I keep saying I'm not going to any more sales, but alas I drag myself out on Fri. I usually come home empty handed or with nothing much to brag about. Sad state of affairs when even yardsaling sucks.


This made me laugh!!!!! I haven't been to a sale all year - I only go to thrift stores now. I can't take the garage sales around here. I'd still like to go with you on a good day, though!

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

I had to read your post below about things to buy with a quarter just to overcome my my grief and disgust at the miserable day you had today! :)


That is so funny, but I am genuinely surprised. Somehow I had the feeling that you usually found good stuff on your trips. Obviously, it's much more work than I thought. I think I'll stick to ebay and thrift stores.

Jennifer Conway

***LOVE*** this post!!! sounds familiar.....

Beth Leintz

Oh Miss Barbara, you made me laugh out loud- so true, so true. But when you fall off a horse, you have to get back on and ride- and the same thing is true of junking- get out there and find something good today!

(Actually, I've had so many experiences like yours with rummage sales that I pretty much only go to estate sales and auctions, I don't handle disappointment well)


Hope you had better luck today. I'm actually going through withdrawals cause I had to miss going to them this weekend. LOL


What some people sell is just nasty. But isn't it cool when you hit a good one?

Last summer I found so many nice things. I actually found decent bedroom furniture for our son to take to college. My hubby painted it with milk paint and it turned out beautifully. We got a chest of drawers, a dresser, a desk and a nightstand for less than 100. Much better than the new trashy furniture you pay big bucks for. We were really lucky.


We did alot of drive-bys yesterday! I only ended up with one thing from yesterday, and I don't hold out much hope for today. I so agree with you about the wording in the ads. "Too much to list" means you can't think of one good thing to list, because it's all junk!
Well,thanks for driving! My turn next week!


Oh, how I do enjoy your posts, you missed your call, you could be a stand up comedian,,,LOL
This left me in a good mood, just because you are hilarious....bettah luck next time, dahling..


The deliverance line was priceless!

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