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July 26, 2009


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We have the same cookbook...even lost and replaced it with a new one once. My daughter loves to read the recipes. She just ran and brought the book to me and it looks like we'll be making the "Ll is for Lemon Squares" tonight.

Beth Leintz

Mmmmm, blueberries and jadite- lovely combination.


honey--maybe the labels for real honey should read "genuine bee spit" :o) there's a claim that is hard to spin--like the claim "100% natural" has.

also, by supporting your local beekeeper (aka Pooh Bear as we call them), your immune system will calibrate itself to your local pollens and ease any allergies your family may have. + & +
Hooray! Good guys win!

Ooh, your Dutch Baby makes me so hungry (thank Goodness the coffeecake is in the oven!) My mom makes them after a visit she had to a Minnesota B they doused their's with a nice hefty dose of Grand Marnier syrup! What kind of accoutremons do you use?

Tina in Duluth

Now you've done it. My husband was looking over my shoulder saying "I want one" and this afternoon I'll be making sure my cast iron skillet has no curry residue before making a dutch baby. I think we'll top it with peaches. We might even have it for dinner.


We have a grease speckled copy of that same cookbook--but no beautiful jade bowl filled with blueberries. I'm with you on the cooking, lately it has felt like a chore I must do with hunched shoulders and big sighs. Your baked goods look lovely and seemed to have maybe encouraged me to head to my mixing bowl. Thanks for that!

Susan McMahon

I am not much of a cook, but I do like to bake. We have plenty of wild blackberry bushes around here that yield free juicy blackberries (they are running late this year though) so I think I will give your rasberry cake recipe a try using the blackberries- thanks for the recipes. I love the dep. glass measuring cup too, I have never run across one of those.

LiLi M.


Now I am reading Tina's comment, I think I sneak out of here through the back door...


The photos alone make me happy!!! :o)


Oh I love your kitchen!!
Hugs, Lisa


I had never heard of a dutch baby until I met my husband -- they're wonderful and so easy. Wikipedia says it's derived from the German Apfelpfannkuchen. I made them a lot when the kids were little, but haven't in quite a while. Now that you've reminded me, I'm going to make one next weekend.


both desserts look very good. i am going to buy that cook book. i love to bake.


I got that Alpha Bakery cookbook when my boys were little. I'm going to have to see if I kept it. The buttermilk raspberry cake looks scrumptious.

black eyed susans kitchen

And then we had kids"....lol! I will be trying your recipe this week....my family will love it!
♥, Susan


i don't know what happened but now i can comment :) those look wonderful! i know what you mean about cooking i go in spurts too! i can't wait to try both of those!! thanks for stopping by :)


That first picture is worthy of a cookbook cover! And my daughter, who is sitting next to me on her computer, wants a Dutch Baby, pronto! I think I need one of those cookbooks. I hate to cook, but the book is so stinkin' cute!


Oh my - a dutch baby? Well, I know what recipe I'm going to be trying next!! That sounds amazing.

Kim G.

Oh this is a very nice post indeed!

Kim G.

Oh this is a very nice post indeed!


mmm looks like a lotta baking going on!
that dutch baby makes me so hungry!
i love them
i usually try to buy local honey, some stuff about it being good for allergies....

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