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July 24, 2009


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The quilt should be saying "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful"!! Oh, it's the prettiest quilt I've seen in a long time, and I guess I'm happy for you. I mean congrats!! You deserve to find a quilt too!


I have quite a few quilts, but none that with such pretty colors and in such great shape!


Heh B - as a quilter (and collector) I would say this one is VERY nice indeed - love the colours - I have one similar that was in really rough shape but I've repurposed many times. Yours is a keeper for sure! Jewels


I never find those vintage quilts. This one is lovely. I'm very happy for you.


That's a very sweet quilt -- great vintage fabrics and good condition. It looks right at home in your pretty garden.


Wow! I can just imagine the racing stripes your shoes must have made from the point where you were standing in relation to the quilt the minute your eye caught this beauty!



LOL Should I be hiding since I am the guilty party here?

For a few years it was tablecloths. I could spit and land on a tablecloth. Now it seems to be quilts. Not that I am complaining.

This one? She is a beaut.


It's lovely! You have done well and the photos are awesome, just right for that quilt!

Tina in Duluth

That is really nice! Is it going in the bedroom? Show us more pictures of it in its new home, no need to apologize!


oh my, that is a beauty! xo, suzy


Beautiful!!! Lucky lady!!

two crazy crafters

It's beautiful! You Should be proud of it! Thank you for your kind birthday wishes! Have a nice weekend! Twyla


I understand!! I've only found two so far, and was nearly heartbroken when I discovered a hole in one! But I love it anyway!


Oh yes, I understand! Its beautiful and so are your flowers!


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how pretty. Color me jealous.


That's lovely! What a beautiful picture of the quilt hanging on the fence with flowers all around!


Oh my goodness, I feel the exact same way about quilts!! Ha! These are gorgeous. What great colors!

Shelley G in Iowa

This quilt is beautiful and in such good condition. Sadly, that is a rarity. I love your photo with the purple coneflower beside. The one thing that has me stumped is, how is it quilted? Is it tied? Or is just a top? It's hard to decipher from the photo and the quilter in me is curious!

black eyed susans kitchen

Great find!
♥, Susan


Count yourself lucky....I've yet to ever find a quilt in my price range, no matter the condition! This one is beautiful and I like how you've draped it over the fence to take photos. Enjoy it!

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