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July 29, 2009


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LiLi M.

I thought you in the States were not half as bureaucratic as we over here. Another wrong assumption, never done anything more informative than blogging. Mmm... perhaps I should exclude that first year of kindergarten, when you learned how to use and carry (yes) scissors and they tried to learn me that I had to listen to the teacher always and ask anything before doing even when it was dead obvious what the answer was.

Love the lilac dress and matching glasses.
Please take photos for us at your yard sale! Good luck on selling!


OK, the funny thing is when I mad menned myself, I picked the same hair but darker and the same dress.

As to the rest: bleh. And double bleh.

See you post-sale.

Tina in Duluth

I feel for you, girl, but you look great!

Our property was DEvalued this year, to less that what we paid for it originally, and the basement build out? We won't see a penny on that, either, should we have to move soon.

Hope the weather is great for your sale this weekend!


You have to go to small claims to argue about the assessment? Wierd. I think we have an equalization board or something like that.

The nursing home stuff is the pits though. :-(

(But the thought of your yard sale does perk me up a bit. Just what treasure would I find....)

black eyed susans kitchen

It is all very yucky!!! Now quick....do something happy and creative...hurry...you need to get some good karmic happy stuff going on around you right now. I hate filling out forms and dealing with stuff like that. Hope you make a ton of money at your yard sale this weekend.
♥, Susan


After all that you deserve to sit in the shade and have a boat drink or two!
Wish I could come to your yard sale!

Shelley G in Iowa

Wow! What a "fun" day. Paperwork is the pits! On the bright side, you'll be so happy when the garage is done! I know I was happy with the cash and the lack of junk in my storage room, once I had mine last month. Although, my storage room is on it's way to messy again! Some things I haven't been able to part with!

Maybe you'll post some pictures of your sale?


Cute Mad Men self! I can't imagine what it's like to get a kid ready for college...having a hard enough time getting mine ready for high school.

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