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July 30, 2009


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Booking a flight NOW. See you in the AM. (I wish). Heavens to Betsy, what such good stuff! The pottery, Oh my, the linens, oh my. I'll take it all. Thank you.

Lavender Dreams

I can't bear to look at all those beautiful things! Wish I lived closer! Hope your sale goes well...I'm supposed to be downsizing, too but it sure is hard!


Why don't you live in Germany?!!
Though I promised the bf that any future home of ours wouldn't turn into a packed cave stuffed with "stuff"...I guess that still leaves some space for interpretation ;-)


Oh my goodness, I love so many of the items! Great prices too!


i'm so jealous of your neighbors!


I think if I walked into a sale like that (with prices like that!) I might have a case of the vapors and need to sit down for a few moments to collect myself. :) Here's hoping that you have neighbors that appreciate your style and that you'll all be happy at the end of the day!


Oh man I wish I lived closer!!! And...I MAD MEN'ed myself!! I love it I am going to do every scene!!


I too wish I lived closer, those turqoise glasses would look great with my TST Petal Lane dishes. Good luck with your sale, hope I hit one like that this weekend!


LOL I am a bit surprised you didn't Etsy more of it. But that green pot in photo number 3 would be MINE.


Oh I wish I lived closer!


It physically hurts to look at these pictures. Please, please, for the love of God, don't sell that pink heart pot in picture #1. Oh, the horror.....

Tina in Duluth

Hey, can you move that curtain so I can get a better look at the picture?


Wish you lived next door to me. That's the kind of sale I love.


Okay I want to come to your yard sale this weekend - maybe we can do a yard sale swap - you come to mine and I come to yours. LOL. I think we've all decided to have yard sales instead of visiting them.


Rub it in why don't you (I'm sad, sad, sad). Jewels

Mary@TurkeyFarm Treasures

Seriously, how can you part with that bread box?
Swanky Swigs for a quarter, Wow!


You're having the kind of yard sale that I dream about... if this reaches you in time I was wondering if I could buy that set of 6 aqua glasses and the owl s & p shakers from you? Not sure if you'll get this in time before the yard sale! If so, email me at wertens (at) gmail.com Thanks!


Oh boy, do I wish I could come to your sale!!! I see lots of goodies for so cheap!!

Beth Leintz

Good luck with your sale, I wish I was there. You're a wonderful person to pass on so many of your treasures at rummage sale prices, and I know you're going to make a lot of people happy today- and maybe THAT is the lesson.


Oh my goodness, I would love to have the yellow napkin holder and would love to put the money in the mail to you; would that be an option?!

Oh, I have been following your blog for awhile now and love it and I made your peanut butter cookies and took them to my dad at the nursing home and he said they were the best he's ever had!

I'd be glad to send you a check to pay for "my" napkin holder and shipping ...please let me know...

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