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August 27, 2009


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LiLi M.

Rest at last! :-D
Of course I haven't had the time to read my to do list and now you are poting again. That bowl is so sweet though, I forgive you!

black eyed susans kitchen

Ha, ha, ha...the railroad spikes...let me know when you build it...I'll bring over the locomotive.
♥, Susan

Tina in Duluth

Beautiful bowl! I have never seen anything with the black trim like that!

If you build it, they will come!


That is such a pretty bowl. Hey, I made the raspberry buttermilk cake this afternoon after reading about it on your blog last night and it really is good. I'm about to go have another piece now. Thank you for posting about it!

laurie - magpie ethel

Of course you would meet the right sort of person at the dump!! What I would give for a good old fashioned dump in our neck of the woods!


Wow.. you have a much better class of dump than my town...please let me come with you on your next run to the dump lol...

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