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August 24, 2009


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They're all pretty cute, but I pick the fluffy chick on the left -- I love her hat.


I da know, that couple of crazy chicks is kinda speaking to me. xo, suzy

Beth Leintz

Looks like you had a good junking day- I think those crazy chicks are a hoot- and I wish I had the recipe (or pattern) for those egg cozy chicks- I think they're kinda cute.


I want to be an egg cozy chick! They are darling!

laurie - magpie ethel

Too many goodies to choose. You scored big time! That is alot of chickaroos!!!!

LiLi M.

Hey there, I was at my cousins' for the weekend so I am catching up still. Love to see you with your son. Somehow there is always a gap between (photo) reality and imagination. Of course I would go for the Halloween stuff as I could never buy that over here. I collect the Christmas stuff myself and some Easter stuff like paper mache eggs and tin eggs. This weekend I was at a flea market and discovered a paper box, egg shape, probably 50ties, beautifully decorated with vintage easter decor, filled with baubles. The seller didn't want to sell that box, it was so handy for displaying the jewels :-(


great holiday goodies! my great grandma made chick cozies and I still have a couple of them!

Jayme L.

I like the traditional chicks, even though I think of myself as a crazy chick. I tend to keep that side of me tamped down. I look conservative on the outside, but inside is a different story!


Those fluffy chicks look like they're hanging out backstage, about to put on a musical. I like the handmade chick!


I would want to be the handmade chick - I think it's adorable!


Love, love, love the egg cozies (who collects these things - I'm one to talk) - and I like "being" a chick though don't know what kind I am (somewhere in the crazy/fluffy range). Heh, I think I spotted an Owl! Jewels


They're cute! I think if I had to pick it would be one of the first ones :).

I LOVE that Halloween stuff!

one gal's trash

The pink chicken with the crown and sceptre, hands down. The Halloween cookie cutters would have come home with me too.


I am definately the crazy chick.....I LOVE those!


well of course i would be chickenfoot
but i adore the chicks with pink hats and the handmade chick. too darn cute

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