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August 26, 2009


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Tina in Duluth

Cute lamp. Is it too early to start saving things for the grandchildren? I hope not!

I hope you find great sales and have a nice family visit!

Beth Leintz

I pretty much plan my life around sales I want to go to, too.

(I think there might be a good market for your lamp on ebay if you can bear to give it up)


I love your lamp!!! I just started collecting Irmi pieces!! I have only got a couple switch plate covers so far but I can't wait to get a lamp! Too cute!! Do you have any other Irmi pieces?


laurie - magpie ethel

Any woman in her right mind would have her travel schedule around a sale...GOOD LUCK! I had a lamp in this style growing up - still have it tucked away -no place for it, but can't bear to part with it.


That is the cutest lamp! I hope you have a great trip and find some good stuff at the sale.

LiLi M.

I think everybody up here would be in shock when you didn't plan your schedule around a sale. I totally forgot to check the german furniture, I'll make a note now. That lamp is so cute, my son was a train lover as well, we still have all his Brio because I cannot part with it. :-{
Have a great trip!

Jenny The Red Bulletin Board

I can never pass these lamps up! I love them and so have about 10 at the shop!! hahaha!


What a sweet lamp! Maybe you can put it in your son's room, while he's away at college? He'll never know!
Have a great trip! I can't believe how late school starts. So it must end well into June? I hope this sale is everything you hope it will be!


It's just the cutest little lamp I think I've ever seen -- and in such beautiful condition. It's a wonderful find and I can't wait to see what you come home with.

Lavender Dreamer

This is just the cutest thing I've ever seen! It looks like something similar that I had for my son...over 30 years ago! Does that mean my kid's things are becoming vintage! OH MY! lol


Super cute! happy back to school!
Hugs, Lisa


Oh how cute!


Remember who you're talking to: planning a vacation around a sale is not weird AT ALL.


OH!.. my chidhood neighbor had one very much like that.. the thought still makes me smile. The way those are done are so very sweet. Good find!



i love this little lamp
i collect german figures like that
awesome find

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