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August 31, 2009


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arghhhh I had some of these when I was a kid. ohhh I wish.

Lavender Dreams

How cute! I am getting so interested in miniatures! I want to make some bedding and a few things to get started! What a cute family you have!

one gal's trash

Yes, the Renwals look just a little tightly wound. Poor Miss Renwal.


I can't even think of a comment as I'm too busy laughing. Your remark about Mr. Renwals paint job really cracked me up.

Tina in Duluth who needs a new name

Don't you think Mrs. Renwal is waiting to meet a young Dustin Hoffman? She might even settle for an old Dustin Hoffman? Mr. Renwal did buy her a nice bedroom set, however!

laurie - magpie ethel

Well it looks like your visit with the charming Renwal family made up for the lousy sale. (sorry the good vibes I sent didn't reach you). If you ever figure out how to travel back in time to look thru the glass bins for more furniture...please take me along...pretty please with sugar on top!


Hmm Mrs Renwal looks like she has the proverbial carrot up her butt - what a face! Hopefully Miss Renwal does not grow up to be a serial killer (LOL). And isn't it a nuisance when family just do not appreciate your artistic talent! Mr. Jewels is constantly wanting me to do stuff like housework! Yikes......Jewels


Oh those are so great!! I wish I would have had those to play with growing up. Better yet, I wish I had them now. :)


Your photos bring back a flood of memories! I remember playing for hours with my dollhouse fully furnished with Renewal furniture - I also remember my mother putting all of it in bags to sell at her first garage sale when I was a teenager :( Oh well, guess I have to start another fun collection.

Karla Nathan

I don't like the look on the daughter's face. I think that the parents need to keep the door locked and the axe hidden away while they sleep at night.


The Renwal family seems rather creepy...but I love the furniture! Trying to picture an old fashioned 5 and dime store (until recently we had an old fashioned 5 and dime in our little town, sigh)with glass bins of the stuff. Must have been fun for your mom! Thanks for showing us, maybe you'll post more pics soon.


Miss Renwal looks quite uptight. LOVE the doily's and wedding ring bedding. The pattern on that phone is awesome. What a great set.


Ok.. those totally freak me out.. the whole family needs therapy!!



that furniture is adorable!


Mrs. Renwal and the daughter look rather Stepford-ish, don't they? There's something seriously wrong in that household! But they do have some lovely furniture!


oh goodness, you had me cracking up. mrs renwal does look a touch stand offish and cold hearted. i can just see you upstairs at your moms "moving" the furniture around for pix, ha!
when i was little we had two great stores in town (to me) one was nelsons dime store, they had bins which held all sorts of little plastic things for cheap. the other store was simply the five and dime.....oooo the change i spent there after school! i was so sad when it closed down

Lisa Torelli

Hi,I just found this site. I have the mother and
daughter Renwal (found them in a thrift shop) and
my mother just told me she has a baby Renwal.
I really love these figures. Do you have any idea
what they are worth?
I enjoyed looking at your photos!
Thanks, Lisa

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