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August 17, 2009


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I love those old metal cookie cutters! Reminds me of the ones I would use at my grandma's when I was little.
Thanks for visiting me! Yes...it's a mess in that little ol' craft room of mine.


Oh Barb these are DELISHOUS....Will you be listing any of your cookie cutters or ornaments...??

Cheers from Australia, Tamarah :o)

LiLi M.

Just what I needed on a hot August day!


Wow -- another great bunch of lovely treasures. You're on a roll... I'm sure of it.


That was quite a funny scenario, of your kids fighting over the Baby Jesus cookie! Those indents are the prettiest things I've seen lately, and I don't blame you for keeping Santa. You need to keep a trinket or two for yourself!

Lavender Dreams

I have a small cookie cutter collection! Love them! And I am looking at Christmas decorations everywhere I go, too. You found some treasures!


I want them all!!! Great vintage stuff.

black eyed susans kitchen

I would keep him too!
♥, Susan


I need a little Christmas, right this very minute - need a little Christmas NOW!
Thank you.


I just love your first photo. It almost makes me wish it was December instead of August. I have never seen the red plastic nativity cookie cutters, but I got a laugh out of your story.

Santa is adorable ~ I'd keep him too.

Delightful post as always.


Super Christmas!! I love them all!
Hugs, Lisa


Love the stuff - just can't think about Christmas now! The stores already have thanksgiving and halloween stuff in them (good lord!)....Still, love the Santa - my sister collects them and I try to find something every year to give to her - are you SURE your's is a keeper (kidding). Jewels


You crack me up! I think yelling at the kids for argueing over Baby Jesus would definately defeat the purpose.
LOVE the vintage ornments...I'm always on the lookout for those!


oh yes, i would definately say your little santa is a keeper
too sweet

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