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August 25, 2009


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You have the sweetest things. And those little chicks are amazing.

Tina in Duluth

You need a bonafide doll house for all that furniture!

Lavender Dreamer

I thin miniatures are a good idea, too. I always loved big dolls but now I keep my eye out for small ones...I'm out of room! Love your little chairs!

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

Awwww. so cute. I'm always fascinated by miniatures. I MUST NOT collect them, but I think they are adorable. Such cute stuff.

Mary Ellen

Flames of jealousy consume me! I myself have a modest collection of the plastic doll furniture which was meant to go with those lithographed metal dollhouses. It too, makes me swoon.

LiLi M.

No I haven't seen that kind of German furniture before either. I have a book on (German) dolls' house collectibles, featuring about anything from the old german toy fabrics (regarding dolls' houses), but of course I cannot see the size over here, I'll check that book.
I would love to see you collecting miniatures!


I love the fan and milk bottles! I like miniatures too - small things are just so cute! I never had a dollhouse as a kid, but I did occasionally buy [um, I mean, make my mom buy] doll furniture for no good reason.


Are you sure that's not a heat lamp?? What fun! I've got to get out my mini's and play.


Those are really cute! Especially those twigs & milk bottles.


how sweet
i really like that little table with the fan

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