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August 21, 2009


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oh barbara! i'm sending you a big hug :) i can't imagine how that will feel someday. love your little box of boys toys.

Lavender Dreams

They grow up in a hurry! That's such a great photo!


Well they have to grow up some time! Love the toys!
Hugs, Lisa


My nephew moved into his dorm today at UT. I know how you feel... Love the toys! Just the other day my husband went through his box of toys and it brought back alot of memories.


I think that box would have put me in tears!


My son still has a little box like that. That's a sweet mom and son photo and hey -- maybe he'll move back after he graduates -- mine did.

laurie - magpie ethel

Great picture of you and your son...hope you are adjusting. I'll be in your shoes next year. Wouldn't it be nice if you could pay that college tuition with that found money..or if I had a money tree...or won the lottery!


Hi Barbara,
my daughter is leaving next week for her freshman year at college. I can't wait to clean her room once she has left! I think some thrifting therapy might be good too. xo, suzy


Wow, your son looks just like you! We're bringing our daughter back to school today, for her junior year. I thought it would be easy by now to send her back, but I'll miss her alot, because we're very close. At least you still have another one at home, right? And I still have my cat.


As the mother of 2 sons who have already gone off to college, I can relate to this post. Those little boxes of boy stuff put a smile on my face.

Great picture of you and your son. There's no denying he belongs to you.


Hey there... just paid my daughters busar bill... care to send some of those coins my way! :) This week we go get the books... accckkk!!!!!!



Oh dear Barbara, I know just how you're feeling, but it does get a bit easier, I promise. My son is a senior this year, and has just moved into an apt. by himself. He's having so much fun finding things for it, and cooking for friends. It's a pleasure to see him growing up in such a way, and I'm looking forward to sharing the future with him. It's hard though. I think we always miss them, and worry. It's part of our job description, I think.

Take care.

Tina in Duluth

Thanks for posting the pic of you and your boy!

How did the falsa pecunia go over and where can I get some?

Shelley G in Iowa

OK, I'm really behind on my commenting, but I have to say it, the picture of the two of you brought a smile to my face. Just a great snapshot! A great looking guy, you have every reason to be a proud mama!


such a sweet pic of the two of you
and how coincidental finding the box of little boys cast off toys

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