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September 15, 2009


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OH Ah! Love it! Thanks!
Hugs, Lisa


what a cool book, so love it!


I've almost bought this book a few times. It's a wonderful reference for those of us who love old fabrics and quilts. Our library system has it, so I check it out now and then.

You've found some truly wonderful things lately. I love the old quilts, the keys and the depression glass. LUcky you!


Ok. That's it. You can't post any more photos of the pink quilt because I want it and it is torture to keep seeing it! :)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

That book would be quite a feast for the eyes, for fabric lovers! And I agree with Amy. For the love of God, please stop showing that pink quilt! It's like nicotine to a smoker. Or crack to an addict. Or a really pretty pink quilt to someone who really wants that quilt!!


I bought that book too -- it's a great resource and I love looking at all the swatches. My favorite is the first quilt (thanks for showing a close-up of the blocks). I don't have many fabrics that old, but I do love them. I hope you're keeping that one -- it's a treasure.

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