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September 23, 2009


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Oh, very cool! I must say that I'm partial to the angels - I remember my grandparents having the same ones.


cute! you find the most amazing stuff! hope all is well!


Oh you got more great ones!
Hugs, Lisa


I think those gingham elves are pretty jaunty. xo, suzy


Good grief woman! I think the last two are the old gezzers from the Muppet Show...Hope hubby did not give you grief (like mine would) for your items of lustful bidding LOL Jewels (I have to go with sweet, sweet Rudy...)


Oh, those little angels are the sweetest!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You had me at the Noel candleholders. And it just kept getting better! Gingham elves!! I can't take it!


Nothing says Christmas Joy like a box of spun cotton elves, angels and what~have~you's~
Congrats on no one but you being interested. I love it when that happens!

Hope G

I love those spin cooton santas. We had some similar when i was growing up...Santa head ornaments for the tree. Sadly, the rats living in the garage liked thm better and ate them! I never see one of these that i don't fondly recall hanging them on the tree and loving each and every one.

laurie magpie ethel

Two words. spun cotton!

Lavender Dreams

Oh, look at those precious elves! I love them!


They are little works of art!
Thank you for the congrats! I am super excited!



Oh they are sooo kitsch honey - I love the colours and cuteness...but I dont want to think about Christmas yet...I am just getting over the dark nights drawing in! here in Blighty through the winter we only have 8 hours of daylight! YUK!

Love Happy xx

Mrs. Cozy Home

You *seriously* have the best stuff ever. I LOVE those NOEL carolers ... I'm going to have to start lurking on Ebay...!

jen c. smith

my most sacred collection i have -- my vintage santas! you've got a new follower!


When I was in second grade in the early 60s, we had a long-term substitute teacher who seemed positively ancient and oh so mean. Then she gave each student one of these ornaments on her last day. I was amazed that she was so nice to us.

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