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September 04, 2009


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Cindy (Junque Art)

Oh my goodness that is too cute!!! I would love that kitchen too!

Margaret McCormick

I love the tiny kitchen... and the metal trays, vintage postcards and Halloween decor from the previous post. You have the magic touch for coming across great stuff! Nice talking to you the other day, I'm looking forward to coffee and a market trip in mid-September...

Tina in Duluth who needs a new name

I would have loved playing with that when I was a big, I mean little girl!

Those chairs are the same style as my dining room chairs.


Whoa!! Love that kitchen! You know what, if our home sale goes through, the new house we are looking to acquire has a stove just like that! An old Frigidaire! Know any cheap shipping services? I'll send it to you--wink wink.

Adorable kitchen furniture!
Your blog will definitely be an inspiration to me in the pursuit to style our new digs (should the moon and stars align, God decides to work his magic, etc.)

Lavender Dreams

I don't know what to say...I am SO jealous! I'm happy for you but say a little wish that I can find something like this in my searches! I LOVE it! Just perfect!


Well, that is absolutely too cute for words. I swear, you have the NEATEST stuff! And you post the most wonderful pictures. Every single post from you is a delight - and much appreciated from this fellow blogger. LOVE it!

Jenny The Red Bulletin Board

I WANT THE TRASHCAN!!! If you look back at my October 2008 birthday post, I got a vintage trash can for my birthday and that was my favorite present!!


I am so impressed that your mother has kept this darling dollhouse furniture -- and in such nice condition. We are remodeling our kitchen right now and I wish I could have one just like this -- Mr. and Mrs. Renwal, but happier.


How cute!! I can picture a very happy life taking place in that sunny little kitchen.


I love it. It reminds me of my Grammy's kitchen. Such a wonderful keepsake.
mary-the calico cottage

LiLi M.

I hardly dare to come here! I have been so busy and was filled with anaestetics, that's why I neglected you, so sorry. And I cannot find your German furniture...I will not give up yet though. Have a great week!

Beth Leintz

So cute- and yes, a little bit of Fire King jadite would be just the right tableware.

One question- where's the dishwasher?


I love that little kitchen set. I would definately played with that when I was a kid.


sheesh, such extremely super de duper cuteness!
love those wee pantry items
looks like the former owners where heavy coffee drinkers

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