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September 09, 2009


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Tina in Duluth

Barbara, WHAT A FUN PLACE!! I love it! Thanks for sharing.

I thought you might be languishing over the death of Ted Kennedy. I hope you are feeling better.


Cool! Move over I'm packing now!
Hugs, Lisa

laurie - magpie ethel

What a fun store! Totally the type of shop that would bring you out of a funk!!! Loving those little creations...teacups from the ceilings...shelves and shelves of goodies...how could you not be in a good mood after visiting this spot!


Now how is it that you have never been here before? I'm sure we don't have a store like that in my part of Virginia. Those assemblages are fierce. xo, suzy

LiLi M.

There are times that I need a private jet and this is one of them. But you are the second best Barbara, you're a great guide. What a shop! Those assemblages are cool too.

It just pops in my mind: If there comes a moment when you at your home have a little too much vintage items like last summer when you organized that yard sale, maybe you should contact Betsy and sell her your stuff. It seems to me that you like the same kind of things.


What a hoot - I love your blog - always makes me smile and gives me the urge to get to a flea market. I'm off to Hell's Kitchen this Sat. wish me luck.

Beth Leintz

The assemblage dolls are darling- they sure made me smile.


Oh! This looks like such a wonderful place, can't wait to see what you brought home!


I don't even know where to begin to comment on this post...there's just too much. I'll go straight to the flour sifter on the doll's head. That has to be the cutest thing ever!


Oh my goodness! One could just get lost in there!


AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Barb-I am so jealous of you! That place is AmAzInG!!! Wish I lived closer...

two crazy crafters

Thank you for taking us into this wonderful store with you! I could just imagine standing there and soaking up all that vintage lovliness. I can't wait to see what else you bought! Have a nice day. Twyla


i'm speechless.

now i want to move to New York! :o)

you lucky gal, having a shop that close that you can actually go back to pick up items that won't fit in your car the first time!


Oh, that is SO my kind of place. Thank you for sharing the great photos so that we could at least see it!!

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

Okay. You have made me have OODLES AND OODLES of DROOL. Are you happy now? Are you????? LOL!!!!


Oh what a DREAM! I would love to visit. LOVE the pitchers. Too many great goodies to list! Total eye candy.


such lovliness!!
great idea on how she displays things in the kitchen
i like that idea, you should sell some of your stuff to her or start selling at a shop!
thanks for the eyecandy
i so need to visit ny


That place looks amazing!


Oooh, what a cool shop! Now that's a creative use of old doll parts and discarded tins...reminds me of wizard of Oz.

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