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September 10, 2009


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I LOVE the green, green, green - and I am certainly happy if you are happy. Sorry, don't know what your one thingy me bobber is for. Where will the "so lovely without contact paper" Hoosier go? I, unfortunately, would not have a spec of wall space for it...Jewels

laurie - magpie ethel

Can I just tell you I am GREEN with envy!!! Great finds and that Hoosier cabinets is absolutely AWESOME. Glad the cabinet is going to a good home!


You scored and scored and scored again didn't you. Hoosier fantastico! xo, suzy


Oh my heck, you really made out, didn't you? I don't know which I like the best!


I agree about having things that are chipped, it makes them more special somehow.


Well...It sounds like these wonderful finds have lifted your spirits. That cabinet is just perfect and you're going to have such fun selecting stuff to put in it and display on it. I've never heard them referred to as Hoosiers -- we always called them Kitchen Queens, although I'm not sure why.

LiLi M.

I love the green utensils! It's something that can be found over here too, my cousin collects it and she collects enamel ware in the same green, do you have that too? The green depression glass, only if it's fluorescent (hope this is the right word) in black light, is called Anna green over here, and it's very sought after hence expensive nowadays. Love the cabinet. Are you really going to remove the contact paper (is probably what we call sticking plastic, which is almost impossible to remove without having glue left all over). If so what is your recipe?
Enjoy your finds, have a great weekend!


LOVE the Hoosier and all the green treasures. If those goodies can't lift one's spirits, nothing will.


Could your utensil be an herb cutter, or perhaps an onion chopper?


Wonderful green goodies! I am such a fan of green. And, as you know, I am even more of a fan of Hoosier cabinets. Congrats on yours!!! I know you'll love it. Hooray for Hoosiers!


I have no clue about that mystery utensil. What does the reverse side look like?

I was thinking about a hoosier for the new house just the other day...

Shelley G in Iowa

Wow! You sure found lots of goodies! I've kinda given up around here. Although I am going to a VERY promising auction tomorrow. I'm sure the prices will be sky high. An old-fashioned farm sale, has something like 25 old quilts. I can send the link if you just want to drool a little!

ANYWAY! I have a new (to me) utensil just like that. The lady told me it was an herb chopper. I bought it to cut uniform noodles for homemade chicken noodle soup. My daughter complains when the noodles are cut even! Doesn't she know how lucky she is to get homemade noodles? Well, didn't have a lot of faith it would work, but for .25 I was willing to take a chance. It worked really well! Score!

Have a great weekend!


Oh my gawd I love that! I want something like that SO bad. And I love the green utensils. I always find red. Gotta love afforable Jadeite!

Elizabeth Holcombe

WOW!!!!!! My favorite color! You are a lucky girl!~~XXOO, Beth

Lavender Dreams

The cabinet is wonderful and I love all the green! The sweet little green cream pitcher is an amazing find! I love it!


OK that would fit right in my kitchen! Lovely finds!
Hugs, Lisa


That's so exciting! Have fun...!
mary-the calico cottage


I am in love with your great cabinet!! And, once again, your finds show me that we have VERY similar taste - since I have at least one of pretty much everything you showed us in this post! (Except a fabulous white cabinet like that!)
Love it ALL!


Ohhh each pic had lovely things I would want. The cabinet is amazing.

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