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September 17, 2009


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Barbara, What great finds! You have the eye for sure ;)


There was a huge lawn sale at a very nice historical home about two weeks ago. These people buy and sale antiques, have booths in antique malls and sell antiques from their Produce market as well. In other words, they know their stuff. I was surprised to see this in their ad: SHABBY SHEIK FURNITURE. Who is this Sheik and why is he so shabby?

*Love the Christmas. I am so ready for the thrifts to drag out their holiday items. Treasues await!


How funny - it's the little things that make us laugh! Jewels

Beth Leintz

LOL! Your classified ads are a little bit of Jay Leno's headlines combined with the thrifting world.

Why, oh why oh why does anyone advertise beanies- I avoid any sale that even mentions them- bonfire fodder.

Your sewing stuff- with those old labels- is TDF.

Lavender Dreams

I bet they were disappointed when they saw the ad! Love the little birds and of course the pixie is my favorite! I'm on the look out for one, too! Enjoy your treasures!


Oh good typos! You get the best stuff! Love all the decorations!
Hugs, Lisa



I totally would have gone for the birds and trim, too!

laurie magpie ethel

Great typos...love the comment above about the Shabby Shiek sale....thanks for the giggle and love the Christmas of course.

black eyed susans kitchen

These were too funny...you should send them into the Jay Leno show. Looks like the sale wasn't a yawn for you. You found some really fun stuff, I especially like the Christmas goodies.
♥, Susan


My very first job at my newspaper was taking dictated classified ads over the phone. These ads you've shown are HYSTERICAL and take me back to those "good ole days." At first, I assumed it was some lowly peon like me having a big of fun at the expense of the advertiser. Sadly, in this day and age, since most people can submit their own ads via the internet, the POSTERS are the idiots.

But that sale is a YAWN sale, given what they're selling.

P.S. And I'd LOVE to see a bonfire at a sale. In many cases, that would be the highlight!


Hahaha, oh my goodness. I need to spend more time reading the paper.

Also, the little birdies are adorable!


Hahaha, oh my goodness. I need to spend more time reading the paper.

Also, the little birdies are adorable!


Those ads killed me -- if you google "reviled artist" poor Catherine Hucko shows up in the 27th listing, just behind pages on Picasso, Andrew Wyeth and LeRoy Neiman.

Those birds are really darling, but me? I am a freak for vintage seam binding -- so envious.

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