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September 14, 2009


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laurie magpie ethel

That tablecloth is very cool - I have never seen one with that is reversible like that...and original package too boot! Bummer there wasn't 30 yards of the strawberry fabric, but still a cute pattern!

Lavender Dreams

I had some of those salt and pepper shakers...back in the '70s! I love the fabric...WOW! Great finds!


oh my gosh girl! I LOVE everything! Feed Sacks!! I love the strawberry fabric! I NEVER find good vintage stuff around here!


You found some great stuff! I love the strawberries. And those salt & pepper shakers remind me of my mom.


I just bought some sugar sacks and I am trying to sort out how to wash them. Imagine my surprise seeing that you bought grain sacks. Ahem. LOL

Mary@TurkeyFarm Treasures

Bet the strawberry fabric would make adorable cafe curtains for your kitchen. OMG! I have a similar plastic tablecloth on my Flickr pool (Mr and Mrs. Snowman, and Happy Bday on the back).
Great finds.


You always find the best things! That Christmas/birthday tablecloth is too amazing... It must be for those poor Christmas babies (like my parents, born on Dec. 21st and 23rd) who don't get separate parties! haha. "Flip the tablecloth over; it's Jack's birthday! Quick, before he realizes it's a Christmas decoration!"

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

That table is so perfect, from the color to the chippyness! And I grew up with those burlap glasses! And how festive is that birthday tablecloth?! I am going to start checking the backsides of those plastic things from now on!


i've been looking for some of those sacks. any chance you'll sell some of them? let me know :)

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