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October 10, 2009


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Lavender Dreams

I've never seen the birthday buttons! Those are very cool! Love the cute turkeys and everything that size! I am really into what nots right now...I think I've said that before! lol ENJOY your treasures!


I don't think that's a turkey on the shoe store card, I think that is a Fantail Dove. I love the Gurley Pilgrim candles - I'm always a'wishing and a'hoping I will find some of those!

laurie magpie ethel

Those birthday pins TOTALLY are awesome. I have a few that say "I'm 7 today" or "I'm 5 today", but haven't seen the ones you got. Super, duper cool (as usual)!


Love those Gurley pilgrims. I remember the birthday pins. How sweet to see them again after all these yeas :-)


Oops, sorry, bad job of proofreading on my part. I meant after all these years.

Chris Jurd

I'm with Shara - it's a dove! How beautiful they all are and you have a great eye for bits and pieces.


You had me at "It seemed silly not to stop." :-)


Love it all! And the last needed no explanation! Very sweet!
Hugs, Lisa


Adorable! The cards are wonderful :)


Silly not to stop! *snort*
Vintage cards are the best, why don't they make them like that anymore?
xo, suzy


Oh, man. It simply makes me go crazy nutso to see all of the wonderful things you are so lucky to find.
But I love it.


The puppy dogs brought a tear to my eyes - I can just see my Miss Gwendoline snuggled up in bed and dreaming the same sentiments (well, actually no, its probably more like when will her next meal be coming, little booger) - but the thought is nice - and i LOVE LOVE LOVE all your cards - Jewels


I love those Gurley candles and the cards. They're just sweet as can be..


Those greeting cards are too adorable! And the birthday pins... so sweet.

two crazy crafters

I probably don't have to tell you how jealous we are of your adorable vintage cards! That sleeping dog was is the sweetest thing and your baby looks pretty cute sleeping too! Twyla


Yes, too often "it's silly not to stop", but I"m LOVING that last "asleep or awake" card. I'm staring at its embodiment right now. Cancel that: I'm hearing it snoring very loudly right now. Cody keeps my bed warm while I watch tv and fritter away at the computer!!!! XOX

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