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October 19, 2009


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Your Halloween is wonderful!
Hugs, Lisa

laurie magpie ethel

Loving the halloween...especially the graphics on the tablecloth! A-DORABLE! And, I of course have one of your witch candles.

Shelley G in Iowa

Lots of inspiration here! So many great ideas. I think your skeleton man looks mighty fine on you hoosier! The frame is PERFECT!

Don't fall off of your chair.....I'm working on a post!


how fun & festive! i love your wall shelf!


Is that a Rook card? Who will play with us in AZ?


That looks fabulous!

Beth Leintz

Oh my gosh, I had completely forgotten about the Halloween crepe paper- its wonderful with the jadite accessories and jar of cookie cutters. I'm going to try the idea about masks on the window sill, as I'm easily amused.


Barbara - I hope you're in a patient mood for a "memory". These little Halloween decorations sparked a memory for me. When I was a kid we lived in a working class neighborhood row home. But it was a nice street then. In the middle of our block was a little candy store on the main floor of one of the houses. They had built a store front with a big window and we'd peek in at all the goodies. Every holiday they would decorate with things they had for ages. The Schumachers owned the store and were ancient. So their things dated back pretty well. They had Halloween decorations just like some of the ones you show. Gosh I miss being 10. Candy just isn't the same anymore. And "Shooies" as we called it, isn't there anymore either.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

The cuteness of that tablecloth is almost unbearable! Your decorations look pretty amazing in that white hutch, and of course the fabulous Hoosier! I'm wondering what you're going to put on that little shelf for Christmas...


Such sweet vintage goodies. Your decorations bring a smile to my face!


That bit of crepe paper tablecloth is adorable, with closer inspection (I put on my glasses) I saw the little kittens tumbling over the pumpkins. Darn cute. -amy

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