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October 18, 2009


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Lavender Dreams

The buttons are wonderful and the scissors are quite a find. I have a pair of the stork scissors that were my grandmother's...I treasure them!


Lovely buttons, and a great lesson: "They weren't rivals. They were helpers."


ooooh aaaah! I just love your buttons! They are amazing! The scissors are cool too!
Hugs, Lisa

Mary @ Turkey Farm Treasures

What is it with buttons? Love to collect them, hate to sew them on for mere mending tasks.


First - the buttons are scrumptious - they are the kinda colours that make me drool! I appreciate the little mental "debate" you had to. Sometimes I shake myself thinking about how focused we get on "the hunt" sometimes - way too serious. And the setting for brunch was just as nice - what a nice weekend for you! I dragged poor hubby through an Antique Mall on Saturday, only to have him suffer from allergies because of all the dust - alas, I did not have the opportunity to find great finds like yours :< Jewels


Oh, beautiful beautiful. The scissors on the far right are absolutely gorgeous. The old couple and their store sound lovely, too!

Beth Leintz

Your whole post made me smile- the buttons beautiful; the good karma of the antique shop; the scissors- fabulous; and the view through the limestone ruin.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my goodness! I am practically hyperventilating. Look at all of those beautiful buttons!


Oh wow! Love those buttons!!

Deborah Bonner

The buttons are so colorful and charming and the embroidery scissors are lovely. Great finds.


Those buttons are gorgeous! Please come visit my bog-I'm doing a giveaway until Friday, 10/23! Hugs, Leslie

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Looks like it was a very colorful weekend for you, from those gorgeous buttons to those windowboxes, to what looks like a castle ruin! I could've sat there for hours, and they'd have to kick me out!


Gosh, so much to comment on. Your photos are lovely. I love the buttons. Buttons speak to me. These are saying "I love you!". The other photos are amazing. I'd love to go there.


What a lovely blog you have. I happened upon a Flickr photo of yours and several clicks later, arrived in this charming wonderland. Love the buttons and the story of the nice couple with the shop.


I'd say everything about the weekend was a delight. xo, suzy


those buttons are perfect! looks like a good outing and i love your scissors! it's funny you do feel the need to go treasure hunting, don't you? i think that might be a sign of a problem, you think? hope all is well!

Shelley G in Iowa

Really? A quarter vs. a dime? Is this just an analogy because either of those prices sound like a steal to me!

The buttons are just incredible, not only colorful but unique, too!

On a side note, my daughter would LOVE to go to the store with the Happy Meal toys! She has me and my mother searching for her "treasures" everywhere we go!

sandy McClay

Oh the buttons....it makes me a little crazy that you found so many in one place! There are so few places that even have buttons like these where I live, that are worth looking thru, but I do....I would be doing the happy dance for a week with a stash liek that! I just imagine all of the wonderfuls things you can do with them! Congrats on a great find! And the store sounds really nice....


Most excellent life lesson! I get so wrapped up sometimes losing things at a sale, and then end up buying them later from whoever bought them (still cheaper than I can sell them for). We're all just passing things along, and it's important to remember this. Every single dealer out there is a FACILITATOR.

Today, at an auction, I was bummed because I lost out on a box lot that included some flashcards I wanted. I approached the guy afterwards, asking if he'd sell them to me, and he GAVE THEM TO ME. He didn't even want them; he was bidding on the other stuff! Karma, my dears. Keep it all in perspective.

P.S. And, they sorted them for you..... XOX

Marcia "HDMac"

Oh... I am so envious of all those buttons!!!!

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