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October 15, 2009


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I am still LOL about the pajamas in public. Some days around here at the grocery store it looks like a slumber party just let out, complete with bedroom slippers.

I'm intrigued by your book recommendation since I waste entirely too much time watching shows about hoarding. Maybe I'll feel better by reading about it. -amy

Lavender Dreams

The napkins are just incredible! I love all the pretty Fall colors around your house now! I have a few pet peeves, too...pull those pants up and get a belt...would be among them! lol


I totally agree about the pajamas in public. When my son was in high school, he brought home a notice from school stating that it was against the dress code to wear pajamas to school. I was puzzled and asked him do people really wear their pajamas to school and he said oh yes, the girls especially. Go figure.....


I think you should email me some stats about the price of these bowls there. They are crazy ass expensive here. Or at least what I think is crazy ass expensive. Maybe I am delusional. Need reality check stat.


Those napkins are so cute! I want to attend a kitty bonfire with hot dogs and corn on the cob. The cabinet looks great - it's seasonal without being over the top. The orange and jadeite looks really lovely together. It's an unexpected combo, but it works.

Oh, and I'm with you on the PJ pants. Why on earth would someone *want* to leave the house in their PJs?! It boggles the mind. Even more alarming is the idea that they might wear them back in bed after wearing them out, bringing all that outdoor grime into their sheets. Yuck!


Oh how lovely! Your Halloween is great! I got mine from you today and it is just perfect! THANKS! I am trying to figure out where I can put this great pumpkin!!
Hugs, Lisa

Beth Leintz

Love the Halloween Hoosier- what a great way to display the Halloween napkins.

I'm putting Homer & Langley on reserve at the library. I've heard of the Collyer Bros and the books sounds like it has that same fascinating/scary quality that Hoarders has.

Have you read Objects of Desire by Thatcher Freund? It was a can't put down book for me


It looks lovely!


OMG!!!! I know. I see PJs everywhere! What is wrong with people? I guess I'll just have to hit the pancake house this weekend in my Lanz flannel nightgown and hunting socks. That should wow'em.


I just dropped over after visiting Laurie at Magpie Ethel and I must say I enjoyed my visit with you and I'll be back. What a wonderful blog and Etsy store you have. You have inspired me to do something with my Hoosier cabinet.

Have a great day.


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Homer and Langley is on my list of must reads, but I thought I'd have a little down time between watching Grey Gardens and reading it. Both of these are a great intervention when you feel like you might have a bit too much junk in the house!
I had no idea that vintage Halloween napkins were so awesome! I'll delve a little deeper into the Halloween piles next time!
I agree about the PJs. But for me, it's in second place, behind the "droopy pants with underwear showing" look that young guys like to sport. Drives me nuts!!


Lots of good stuff. And that pajamas in public. I'd like to modify that to say that anyone too big to fit into a car seat is too old to wear PJ's in public or house slippers. My patients wear pj's and house slippers all the time. I finally decided I was not going to ignore it, but give them shit for it. Most of them are too daft to even care about my comments, but at least I've had my say. It appears IQ and wardrobe are related. xo, suzy


I totally agree with you on the pajamas in public! I was horrified when a male customer came into the bakery wearing only a bathrobe. I really had him pegged for a flasher!

Roasted beets on a salad! That sounds fabulous!


That all looks so wonderful - an absolutely perfect display!


Your decorations are perfect! And oh how I wish to stumble into a gathering of cats eating hot dogs by a fire.. Pretty amazing.


Hear an interview with Doctorow on NPR and H&L is definitely on my list. Glad you loved it!

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