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October 06, 2009


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Wish they would reissue some of these dresses. They are too cute.


1968 was a very good year, I received my very first sewing machine, from Santa. He always knew just what I wanted. xo, suzy


Oh boy, I could use a corset. Or two.


Love the sixties dresses -- I had some dresses very similar to these (and some patterned tights). I guess sizes really are bigger these days -- I'd love to know the waist measurement on those skirts, and since when does a size 16 have 34" bust!


Aw, how cool are these? The 60s had some great designs...I especially loved my coulottes. Speaking of the 60s...do you remember those head scarves that were big and puffy - like a bunch of little circles of chiffon? Can't even describe it accurately but my mom and many we knew wore them all the time. I haven't seen them since.
I do watch Mad Men but I don't pay attention to the storyline or who's who of the office men. I dig the period clothes and sets mostly. I like the home scenes and outside of the office better...even if betty is a snob I like scenes with her and what she's gonna say next. LOL. Actually, I always feel like a big question mark is hanging after every episode...is that the intent or is it just me? LOL. Everything seems to just hang without answers...I'm confused what was that weird episode with hillbillies giving birth? I guess missing the entire first season doesn't help.

Chris Jurd

How lucky are you to have the next season of Mad men. In Australia we have enjoyed the 1st season and can hardly wait for the next one. I hope it's not a dud!


I was lucky to find a big stack of home catalogs a couple of years ago (all from 1962...my favorite). They are my go-to source for inspiration.

I talked my sister into watching Mad Men this year and she likes it but says it's "kind of slow". I think it has always been kind of slow but that's what gives it a slightly creepy edge. The extra slowness (and tension) might be due to the huge event we all know happens in the fall of 1963 (did you notice the date on Roger Sterling's daughter's wedding invitation?).


Some of these dresses are really cute..How in the world did some of the ladies (if any) had waistlines like the patterns???? :)


oh my barbara, i love the catalog from the 1968 that was the year i was born! i don't watch mad men, sorry :) enjoy the weekend!

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