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October 27, 2009


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I love looking at stuff like that - certainly a different day and time. I have a cookbook from 1964 that requires dirtying every pot in the house for every meal, after all, what did housewives do with their time, anyway?

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I don't have any crepe paper. Could you whip me up one of those red, white and blue numbers? No rush. Oy, those books are fantastic!


What a hoot (no pun intended with it bein halloween and all). Do you think you could sit wearing 10,000 yards of crepe (never mind the bathroom challenges, though I guess you have your own supply of toilet paper in a pinch - oy vey!!!). And the Gay Dancing Flowers still make me laugh. Glad you are enjoying (and sharing) the book and thanks for the plug! Cheers, Jewels

Beth Leintz

(big sigh) I love Dennison...from party decorations right down to the little gold sticker stars.


Those are so much fun! I want to go to a 1920s Halloween party! Pass the bathtub gin...


Great boogie halloween book. Lots of info there and sweet graphics.

laurie magpie ethel

Great books - was not familiar with them. I like crepe paper, no, I LOVE it, but not enuf to fashion a complete costume from it - yikes! Fun stuff!

LiLi M.

Our climate is way to moist in this season to even think of a costume made of crepe paper, unless you intend to have your skin died like an alien or something. I love that orange book!


A memory came flooding back when I saw those crepe paper flowers. I can remember being in a play in grade school and having one of those flower costumes - it was a bit after 1952!! (but not too much)


Wonderful eye candy as usual!
Love the book from 1926...


I bought myself a vintage halloween collectibles book this year and those Bogie Books are in there. (I can't remember the value but I could look if you wanted me to.) I was so sad when I turned the last page of that book and discovered I do not own ONE SINGLE THING featured in that book (unlike the christmas books). But look at you! I am pretty sure I have seen several things here that are in there...

black eyed susans kitchen

Boy are these things familiar...making me as antique as they are! Now that was when Halloween was fun...making our own decorations and costumes.
♥, Susan


The chandeliers are so cool (2 and 3 are the best)...very "now". The rooster costume makes Martha Stewart look like some kind of slacker ;-)

Into Vintage

That's some over-the-top Halloween decorating with those goblins popping out from under and behind the sofa. I do love the chandeliers. Such vintage cleverness. -amy


You're killing me with all the cool Dennison stuff! Love it!


WOW! I love that!


sooo adorable!

however, costumes of crepe paper?!?!?
just more proof that ladies back then didn't sweat like they do today.

hmmm, now i'm wondering why we would need to have an evolutionary process that requires us to sweat more? :o)

happy halloween!


Hi, I have been reading your blog for a while now and so very much enjoy it. I have a little left over vintage Halloween that didn't sell that I would like to put in the hands of someone who appreciates it! Can you email me? I've never commented before, not sure of protocol. Thanks, Beth goodvariety@yahoo.com


I love those books and all the ideas -too ambitious for me these days. I remember making princess costumes for me and my sister out of crepe paper with gold medallion stickers in 1974. She did not use the books for patterns but said that everyone was using crepe paper back then. They were very successful but not very durable; a one off.

Lavender Dreams

WOW! That really brings back memories! I know my mother dressed up like a gypsy one year! I love your book...so neat!

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