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October 25, 2009


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I am seriously obsessed with vintage sewing trims and I have *never* seen that plaid bias tape. Please lock your doors. I cannot be held responsible for my actions. Plaid! -amy
PS I may have to grab some of those Christmas trims too while I'm at it. :-)


I really hate putting bias tape on anything, but I've been hoping for ages to find some of the old printed ones, why? I don't know, but I think you're very lucky to have these!

Your bench/table turned out lovely :)

laurie magpie ethel

Digging that fabric on the bedspread - definitely a "made me smile" print. Also obsessed with rick rack and you were wise not to turn down that bias tape....those prints are great! Good finds as usual.

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Love the ric rack trims and bias tape, lucky girl !
The bedspread is quite a vintage find too !
Love love the bench ohhh you lucky girl !!
Have a good week

Mary at Turkey Farm Treasures

I'm having a rick rack attack right now, how do you find this great stuff?
I live the the Steel City area, so of course,
Go Stillers!!!

LiLi M.

Today I decided not to go to the flea market as I thought I just had enough supplies by now, but reading your post makes me doubt! And I was so proud of myself :-(.
Thanks for commenting on my post, I was going to answer you, but I couldn't make a reply, so I waited for you to post again. You told me that you liked the birdcage (no I don't think you have Alzheimer, but it is a little while ago) and I was reliefed because somebody else told me: I like the birdcage with the candles. That was it. That birdcage was the before version! Have a nice Sunday! Here I should be preparing Monday as it's almost midnight.


AAK! You always get the MOST AWESOME stuff! I need to move!
Love all that trim! I can totally see cute school clothes there too.
That bench turned out great too! Leave it like it is for now. So often I buy with the intent on painting something, then I get lazy and end up happy I left it alone!

Lavender Dreams

I love the ric rac and the red and white towel! What wonderful supplies and neat things you found! I love seeing what treasures you find!


$2 bedspread as in Duvet cover? My old duvet covers are one of my most favorite things. :-) And that rosy print is FAB-U-LOUS.


The new stool/side table looks great now. I have a similar one in the basement that needs an overhaul. I might almost be inspired enough to tackle it now. Thanks for sharing!


I'm in the middle of a huge trim obsession! You really made out!

This funny lady really makes bias tape look cinchy - did I spell that right? I'm not sure I've said that word since 8th grade. http://angrychicken.typepad.com/angry_chicken/2008/03/bias-tape-tutor.html

Shelley G in Iowa

Oh, I will write more later but for now I have to say...yeah Steelers! That was a good game! This is my team (I even have an embarrassing teenage photo to prove it.) We hardly ever see the games here in Iowa. I knew since they were playing the Vikings I had a chance. Sure enough! That is where I was Sunday afternoon instead of cleaning my kitchen counters of auction booty!


That bedspread is fab!! And rickrack - one can never have too much!!


That's definitely the best collection of bias tape I've ever seen! Gorgeous rickrack as well - looks like you hit the jackpot!


That bedspread fabric is to die for. AND i have been looking for exactly that rickrack to bind a quilt i did with scraps. I think scrappy rickrack would be perfect. Please say you are selling it. :-D


oop, i meant bias tape. :-)

Freckled Hen

It's really hard to read your posts. How do you find this stuff? People in TX musn't have worn plaid bias tape. I went to an estate sale on Friday night with high hopes (again with high hopes) and came out with two checked cloth napkins...one with a moth hole. Don't you feel bad? It's okay Mrs Oodles...I'll keep visiting. You have a gift with displaying your finds and I love the way you write.
PS We are a dedicated Patriot's family living in Cowboy country. Now do you feel bad?


Love those trims -- the rickrack colors are yummy and the printed bias tape -- so cute! Your bench turned out really elegant with it's pretty new cover -- I want to see some staged photos with the tea layout.

Kerrie Marquart

Do you live near Aurora? We live in SC (20 yrs. now) but are originally from the Finger Lake Area. Beautiful posts! I really like your blog. Kerrie

Sue at Serendipity

The bedspread reminds of those we had as kids-loved it then and love it even more now! Only wish I still had it...

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