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November 29, 2009


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LiLi M.

I could dream of this tree! Do you have these dreams? You walk down the street and you see such a decorated tree standing in a container and you just have to pick it up. (but you have to go to the dentist first, or someone who has to be up earlier yells: where is that blue shirt?...)
The object of my desires can change, but the end is always the same alas! Here at the thriftstore they had a special showcase filled with vintage Christmas ornaments and figurines, starting at a whopping 2 euros (3 usd) a piece! The figurines at 3,50 (5,25 usd). I think I was the only one who bought 2 pieces out of that showcase (to support the good cause of course!)


You have inspired me to do a little tree with my striped Shiny Brites!! I love the striped ones so much, and usually they are on the big tree. I only wish I had the little elves and such to add. Because yours looks beautiful.
Hopefully I really will do it.
Hmmm, now where to put this one.........

Into Vintage

Egads those little elves are cute. Must. Start. Decorating.

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