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November 25, 2009


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I'm totally getting myself a Swanky Swig. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Barbara!

Lavender Dreams

Great tips! I wonder if my glass could have some light white wine in it? heehee! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Sonya Dime Store Thrift

Oh Wise Woman, I raise my tiny swig glass in your direction this holiday season.
Hugs, Sonya

Brenda Kula

Great advice! I guess I'm lucky in that I have no big family and usually spend a quiet holiday with the pets. As the husband is usually working. No "rather difficult" relatives to deal with! I'm hoping you get through the day without too many "family landmines" getting stepped on inadvertently!

laurie magpie ethel

You are a devious woman with that swanky swig...swigging away in the kitchen huh? have a great holiday!
(good fix on the pink shelf too)


You crack me up!! That's the best holiday tip I've seen yet. CHEERS!!


A bottle of "the cooks wine" can usually be found underneath our kitchen sink or behind the spice rack - not that I have a drinking problem, the problem is that the rest of my guests are teetotalers.

Happy Thanksgiving.


I know all about that wine in the petite swanky swig trick. Mine is pink with white. Just the perfect size to stash behind the cutting boards stacked up next to the bread box. uh huh.
Thanks for an interesting holiday post, now back to working my way through all the "happy holiday" ones. Wish I could just do a batch delete on those. uh oh. Must be time to refill the S.S. xo, suzy

two crazy crafters

Now That's advice I can Use! Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving. Twyla


Thanks so much for making my day!!!I love your sense of humour and plan on making use of my swanky swig for Christmas!
Cheers and Bottoms Up!~Carol

LiLi M.

You always crack me up! I'm having a small Thanksgiving party over here, as I am visiting all Thanksgiving posts this morning. Makes me feel thankful though. It is raining outside, there is nothing I need to do, but read and be happy, now isn't that a reason to be thankful (and cheerful). That pink shelf is to die for! I think I have that hint nr. 1 baked on a tile. (I am not sure if you have those tiles with 'wisdom' quotes like: my home is my castle etc.)
I love that name 'a woman's paradise'. I thought that the very first department store in Paris was called something like that, but now I know: Emile Zola wrote a novel about the rise of the department store that's called in translation a ladies' paradise, even better than a women's paradise, but the French original title wins: au bonheur des dames (in the ladies' happiness).

LiLi M.

Forgot to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving with your relatives (all of them!).

Jenny @ The Red Bulletin Board

Sorry, that swig glass is toooo small for my relatives!!! hehehehe!


Excellent and useful advice! In fact, I'm shocked most recipes don't call for a swanky swig nearby....

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