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November 30, 2009


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I love reading your posts...you make me laugh, always. It is true about some thrift stores and community service. I sometimes think it is also open to ex-cons who can't get a job anywhere else. Love that angel you found!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

We've got a thrift near us that is manned by parolees too. I'm always just the littlest bit scared when I go in there. Plus it always smells like whatever they had for lunch. The thrift stores have been awful for finding vintage Christmas stuff this year. I'm just about desperate enough to turn to the antique stores!


Loving that snowflake pitcher set. Glad nobody threw that in your direction!

Sonya Dime Store Thrift

Eeks! I would have been frightened, too!

You need to plan a little vaca to Iowa...the thrift stores here at Christmas ROCK their vintage decor:)

Hugs, Sonya

Linda B

Very short on vintage Christmas in S. Fla also. I think maybe it's because the thrift store Christmas in July sales were such a hit here. They probably saved up and sold off all the neat stuff in July to boost their summer cash flow. That, and everyone I know who thrifts goes straight to the vintage holliday goodies.


...and it's NOT MY FAULT!! I certainly haven't been scoring anything good! Never a dull moment in our good 'ole thrifts though!


We have the same thing going on here - and I've never found a vintage ornament, so don't feel bad!
Yesterday there was a cute couch, with a $300 price tag on it. I had to ask if they were serious. They were. I'm still sad about it!


The question of the day seems to be where in the world is the good vintage Christmas stuff? I can tell you it isn't in this part of NC. I do like your pitcher, however.

one gal's trash

I like the snowflake pitcher almost as much as the story of the ornament tosser. Stop by for a vintage Christmas junk tour...in 3 parts!

Heidi German

The shortage seems to extend across the nation to Colorado. :( Christmas stuff in general is sparse at the thrifts this year. Weird. Seems like there should be a ton of Christmas stuff (even the newer, ugly variety) but I've definitely noticed that this year there's hardly anything out on the shelves. Where did it all go?


I too could not find a thing at my thrift shop for Christmas. I got a few great candle holders but no Christmas! Your ornaments are lovely! That angel is great!
Hugs, Lisa

Richard Hall

One summer we bought 5 estates worth of christmas ornaments. After pulling out the good stuff for our collection and harvesting the hardware from the broken ornaments and the bottom of ornament boxes, and tossing the broken ornaments, we had 30 dozen ornaments we had to do something with; all a little worn, or discolored, 10 boxes of plain balls all the same color.

We filled up the car and brought them to Salvation Army. The manager was thrilled to take the donation and was amazed there was so much. There were strings of lights and tinsel as well.

She put them out on a Monday and by Tuesday morning they were all gone. Lots of happy families.

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