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November 07, 2009


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Lavender Dreams

I need to start watching your ETSY. I went to 3 thrift stores today and didn't buy anything...a new record! lol I didn't see any neat Christmas stuff! Love all of your pretty things!


I am so jealous! I have only found ONE vintage ornament in all of my hunting!


Can you post the link here when they go up on Ebay? I am interested!

Jenny The Red Bulletin Board

Excuse me, I did not mean to drool all over your post, but it was unavoidable!! hehehe! LOVING all the vintage goodness!

Beth Leintz

I was just pricing ornaments for my booth at the antique mall and found a box just like your Polish ornaments- and you can bet your boots that I knew they were Polish- but I priced them at $3- maybe that's too low?

I'm with you- its much more fun to buy the ornaments than to list them on Ebay- even worse than listing them is trying to pack them for safe shipping.

By the way- ALL the ornaments are breathtaking.


Not a bad haul! You did better than I did I think....

laurie magpie ethel

High five girl! Not a bad way to spend the day sorting such lovely finds....tis the season!

LiLi M.

What really amazes me is that you seem to find the Christmas ornaments by the (filled) box, as I find them in a big cardboard box, loose, amidst a lot of crap and then I'll take them home in a small box, usually the seller doesn't have any wrapping paper or worse in a thin plastic bag in my shopping cart, hoping that nobody would fall against my shopping cart as last time a lady did. Boy, she was happy to land soft....
I especially collect the vintage glass blown figurines. I remember you showing some of them, or was this in my dreams? Do you keep those yourself too, no matter how many you have (like I do!)?
Have a great Sunday!


It sure was a crap year for finding ornaments. Maybe we have finally bought them all? Just look at all those fabulous boxes too!
I have noticed the prices are way down for ornaments on eBay this year so far. Except the pink ones of course. xo, suzy


Sigh. I've been stalking ebay for ornies this year. Maybe these will sell for a price I can afford. (Doubtful, lol).


wow, that is quite a collection! i love the old ornaments!


I put some big Polish ornaments on Ebay not long ago and they did pretty well, even made it to Austalia in one piece, which I was very happy about. I am sure you will do well with yours. I have a big collection myself and am always sad to let any go, but I there are only so many I can store. I never used to see them at thrifts or yard sales but in the last few years I have found so many, wonder why- I hope the trend continues!

Sonya Dime Store Thrift

OhMyGoodness. I just found you by happy accident. I love you, I love you, I love you!! I will be back often. Sonya

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I've been wondering why I haven't found any Christmas ornaments this summer. Surely I would find at least one box in all of the sales that I went to. But not a one. Now I know why. You have them all!


I love Christmas ornaments - old and new.


Boy, you are super organized...what a cute Christmas attic. I'm so surprised that today I actually found a box of Shiny Brites at the Goodwill. They are just plain green balls but the fact that I actually found SB is a big deal...well, maybe not a deal at $2.99.


very nice haul! you should really put a link for your ebay page here as well...

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