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November 22, 2009


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laurie magpie ethel

Your nest is all clean and tidy and you sound very prepared. Enjoy that issue of Martha (I thought it was a good issue) and put your feet up. Happy Thanksgiving dear!

ps. am sure those curtains you ironed FOREVER look amazing and good for another 10 years!

Lavender Dreams

It sounds like you've had a very good day. I got a little caught up today, too! Enjoy your outing and dinner!

LiLi M.

Happy Thanksgiving!


It looks like you deserve a whole pan of brownies considering all the work you've done. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


I actually thought that issue was majorly disappointing. Want to know your opinion after you read it...

Mary Ellen

I like the MSL issue, especially the three separate covers (what, couldn't they make up their minds?) The magazine points us toward the Christmas Workshop section of the MSL website. It does not work properly and keeps freezing. Grrrr. Hope your family enjoys Thanksgiving.


Isn't it great when all things are tidied up and one is just waiting for the holiday to arrive. I love being prepared, which doesn't happen often! This Thanksgiving I plan on enjoying in a relaxed state of mind. Hope you have a fabulous day.


Thanks for not shaming us with pix of your cleaning frenzy..... Revel in the clean house! XOX


I just love those turkeys - that is my favorite holiday item you have!

You've worked so hard, I hope you relax and enjoy to the same degree that you worked and prepared.

I really want one of those brownies.

Into Vintage

I have yet to crack open MSL or any of the others stacked up on the coffee table but tonight is The Night! If only I had a brownie... -amy


I'm just a bit envious - my house never achieves that Martha look.

Brenda Kula

Sit in your clean fluffed-up house and be content. You've done the "woman of the house" thing and now deserve some sort of treat. (Thanks for the email. Do "they", the stories from an earlier time, skitter through your mind when you least expect them to? The remnants of your past that once were just like you and me?) Odd how they never really let you go, isn't it?

Carol@ Old Glory Cottage

Oh my goodness, that's what I did Sunday while watching football: iron 4 pairs of curtains! I change the dining room and living room curtains for Christmas. But I was smart this time. Instead of folding the ones I took down, I am hanging them up! And you have my permission to dive face first into those brownies!

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