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November 27, 2009


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Love this post. Your Turkey looked delicious. The part about when Mr. Oodles came upstairs is so funny. The wreath you made in the first picture is absolutely darling!


Happy Day After Thanksgiving! It must be great fun (and lots of work) to decorate at the Oodles house, and I think it's sweet that your son wants to help. I remember my adult son helped once -- the power was out for 5 days and there was nothing else to do.

I adore that pink wreath, but the pink doesn't go with my other Christmas stuff. If you're ever in the mood to make a silver one with jewel tone ornaments, please let me know.


oh my goodness!! your wreath is amazing!
happy "Buy Nothing" day!!

LiLi M.

I think that photo of Carson with the Turkey and your thought about Carsons thoughts about Thanksgiving are too funny! Love the wreath and the vintage tinsel!

Mary @ Turkey Farm Treasures

I followed your suggestion about the white wine in the gravy (a 2004 Sauvignon Blanc) it turned out nicely, and I was very calm.
Your turkey looks delectable.

laurie magpie ethel

It is easy to get sucked into the vintage crafting black hole and forget about life and uh...turkeys? You are too funny and your wreath is great!


Oh no! I love those wreaths! But with Christmas countdown I have no more money to spend on me! Darn it!
Hugs, Lisa
ps love the puppy eyeing the turkey!!

Brenda Kula

I just knew you were showing a pretty wreath at the top, but were going to say the dog dragged the turkey off to parts unknown! But turkey day at your house was saved. And maybe the dog got some leftovers.


These are gorgeous wreaths. I would have a hard time parting with these. xo, suzy


Gorgeous wreath! And I'm so glad it was just a late lunch - I had visions of the dog eating the wreath!! LOL!


Great wreath! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, even if your meal was a tiny bit later than planned!


I almost did the same thing, and I don't even have a beautiful wreath to show for it!

Your turkey was gorgeous, I hope Carson got a nibble!

Beth Leintz

Love the pink wreath. Well worth waiting for turkey. Buddy did manage to snag a piece of turkey off the serving plate while my back was turned- it could have been worse- the gravy was on the same platter, and I had visions of a gravy covered dog trying to lick himself clean.

black eyed susans kitchen

Perfect and fun wreath! Oh, yes, and the turkey too...hope it tasted as good as it looks.
♥, Susan


Those are so pretty!

Shelley G in Iowa

You are one laid back lady! I would never dream of working on a project with a Thanksgiving dinner in the works. I'm even more jealous of you now!

I would love to make such a wreath, it will be on my "to do" list for the future. I'm guessing the pink is garland? Wrapped around a form? Any pointers would be welcomed!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I'm so glad to see that you've finally gotten your priorities straight: play first, chores later! Honestly, I could have very easily skipped the turkey for that wreath. It's gorgeous! Is that pink garland vintage or new? Please say new, and tell us all where we can get it, because my daughter has fallen in love with it and wants some for her white tree!!


Hurray for Christmas pink!! Looks fantastic!

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